1. Dr. York’s Court Minutes for Naturalization: 12/06/1999 Dr. York takes the stand along with two witnesses David Nymah and Prince Thomas in front of the Honorable Judge for Criminal Court “B” Masa Kamara-Nyumah who then grants his Petition for Citizenship in the Republic of Liberia by Naturalization
  2. Copy of his Letter of Appointment as Consul General of Liberia 12/15/1999 Mr. York was appointed to post in the United States as a Consul General by Former President Charles Ghankay Taylor in the State of Georgia.
  3. Cllr. Francis Y Garlowalu’s letter addressed to Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs 6/4/2004 A letter was written by Liberian Attorney Francis Y.S Garlawolu to Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Liberia (Hon. Abraham Massalley) Requesting the intervention of the Government of the Republic of Liberia, to prevail on the Government of the United States of America to secure and facilitate the voluntary repatriation of Dr. York to Liberia
  4. Liberia’s Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Letter addressed to the US Department of State 6/14/2004 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Monrovia, Liberia by way of the Action Minister of Foreign Affairs Abel Massaley requests the State Department to intercede with the concerned authorities for Dr. York’s voluntary Repatriation.
  5. Copy of Final Judgement of the 6th Judicial Court, Civil Law Court of the Republic of Liberia  07/21/2004 A final judgment was filed by Judge Yusiff D. Kaba pertaining to the repatriation of Dr. Malachi Z. York that was issued to the BOP in the United States of America explaining that Mr. York is indeed a Diplomat and Consul General for the Republic of Liberia and falls under the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations and has full immunity, yet it was blatantly ignored by the U.S EMBASSY.
  6. Diplomatic Note from Liberia Requesting the Repatriation of a Diplomatic Agent08/17/2004 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Abel Massaley issues a Diplomatic Note (Note#: NTGL/MFA/3031/2-5/’04) to the Embassy of the United States of America, for onward transmission to the Department of State requesting Dr. York’s Repatriation as Persona-Non-Grata
  7. Republic of Liberia Appointing Attorneys To Repatriate Dr. York: 08/17/2004 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs designates the late Counselor Jenkins K.Z.B. Scott, Deputy Minister & Legal Counsel for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.L., the late Francis Y.S. Garlawolu of the Garlawolu Law Associates and Attorney Morris Kaba of the Ministry of Justice, to intercede the release and repatriation of Dr. Malachi York
  8. Republic of Liberia’s Amicus Brief filed on behalf of Dr. York during his Appeal 02/28/2005 Amicus Brief.. Republic of Liberia making 3 key points
    1. That he should be repatriated back to Liberia on the basis of his status
    2. An element of “Reasonable Doubt” that entitled the defendant Dr. York to an acquittal
    3. 135 years was too harsh a sentence and they unconstitutionally applied the wrong sentencing structure
  9. Certificate issued by Liberia’s Acting Minister of Justice & Attorney General  2/29/2005 Cllr Edward K. Goba acting (Ministry of Justice & Attorney General) at the time. Filed a legal document certifying that: Mary Mamie Howe (Notary public) for the republic of Liberia did indeed Notarize the Amicus brief that was filed on the behalf of Dr. York by the republic of Liberia, Montserrado County. Hence proving that Liberia acknowledges that Dr. Malachi Z. York is indeed a citizen of Liberia
  10. United States Government Reply to the Amicus Brief 03/16/2005 The United States responds to the Republic of Liberia regarding their request to repatriate Dr. York, it states “… In the absence of intercession by the U.S. Department of State with the U.S. Department of Justice, this proceeding should go forward without the participation of the Republic of Liberia.
  11. United States 11th Circuit Appellate Court Docket list 03/16/2005 United States 11th Circuit Appellate Court Docket list showing what the Court refers to the March 16th 2005 Amicus Brief from the Republic of Liberia “Out of Time”
  12. Naturalization Clerk Certificate 03/23/2005 A Clerk Certificate was issued certifying the court heard the Petition of Dr. Malachi Z York for naturalization and accordingly decreed the issuance of a Certificate of naturalization
  13. Copy of Letter of Speaker of the House of Representatives of Liberia 6/1/2005 A legal letter was filed and issued to the Secretary of State (Condoleezza Rice) in The United States of America regarding to the Repatriation of Dr. Malachi Z. York and also informing them that he is a naturalized citizen of theirs. this document was written up and filed By the Government speaker for the Republic of Liberia (George G. Koukou), informing the U.S of this manner.
  14. The Diplomatic Note requesting Dr. York’s repatriation from the Republic of Liberia to the United States Department of State 10/24/2006 A Diplomatic Note was sent from the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Liberia, Ambassador George Wallace, to the Department of State through its Embassy in Washington D.C. requesting Dr. Malachi York’s Repatriation.
  15. Charles Minor’s Letter pertaining to the release and repatriation of Dr York  12/19/2006 this legal letter was written up explaining and also confirming the process in which Dr. Malachi Z. York obtained his naturalized citizenship in the republic of Liberia by given dates and former president Charles G. Taylor.
  16. Motion 40 by United States Attorney Marcy E. Cook Recognizing Dr York as a Diplomatic Agent March 3rd 2008, United States attorney Marcy E. Cook Recognition of Dr. York’s Status in Document 40 writes, files, certifies, and electronically signs a Joint Motion in a civil case against the Bureau of Prisons recognizing Dr. York’s Status
  17. Motion 42 by United States Attorney Marcy E. Cook Recognizing Dr York as a Diplomatic Agent March 7th, 2008, United States attorney Marcy E. Cook for the Department of Justice again recognizes Dr. Yorks Status in Document 42 that was again filed, certified, and electronically signed by Marcy Cook.
  18. Affidavit of Dr. Yorks Attorney Leta Holden confirming Marcy E Cooks Filing April 9th, 2009 Affidavit from Dr. York’s attorney in Colorado U.S. Leta Holden witnessing US Attorney Marcy E. Cook’s recognition and confirming US Attorney Marcy E. Cook’s writing, filing, and signing of the Motions recognizing Dr. York’s status
  19. Counsellor Jerome George Korkoya’s Letter addressed to the US Embassy near Monrovia 10/25/2012 A Legal Document was written up on behalf of Dr. Malachi Z. York by Cllr Jerome G. Korkoya his former consular at law in the Republic of Liberia, now Chairman of the National Elections Commission in Liberia  at the request of Dr. York for him to put on file and confirm all of his paperwork on legal file which he executed and submitted to the U.S Consular Office in the U.S Embassy. Note: See Receipt on last page of the document.
  20. Letter of Request for Counsellor visit written by the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC  3/20/2014 a Diplomatic letter was sent from Jeff Gongoer Dowana (Deputy Chief of Mission) for the Republic of Liberia to Cllr. Robinson (Legal Department for the USP Florence ADMAX) Requesting a Diplomatic visit for Dr. York
  21. 2018 Certified Copy of Judgement Confirming Dr. York’s Diplomatic Status 01/19/2018 Certified Copy of Judge Yussif Kaba’s ruling in Dr. York’s favor ordering the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Protect their National and that Dr. York was squarely appointed as Diplomatic Personal protected by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
  22. Clerk Certificate Showing No Bill of Exceptions filed on the 2004 Judgement 01/24/2018 A Clerk Certificate was written confirming that the Judgement that was entered in on Dr. York’s behalf ordering the Republic of Liberia to Repatriate Dr. York was never appealed and that time period was exhausted.
  23. Confirmation of Dr. York’s Citizenship 08/01/2018 Judge Korboi Nuta of Criminal Court “B” Confirms the Courts Possession of Dr. York’s Naturalization Documents