Zimbabwe: 'I lost my land to Grace Mugabe'- BBC News

BBC correspondent Andrew Harding travelled into Grace Mugabe’s heartland to try and find her and meet Zimbabweans who say the former first lady seized their land.
Video journalist: Chris Parkinson.

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  1. My heart bleeds for the little girl child at 4:08…. her rights to a decent life are being infringed upon by some self proclaimed super heroes to the outside world. Charity begins at home.

  2. It is as I have said. Grace Mugabe will continue the poverty and oppression of the people long after whites were evicted from Zimbabwe.


  4. They think the land will become theirs. They lie. The Mugabe’s have 26 farms. They took from the white farmers, now they will take from the black as well. That’s Africa. The same as their Tribal system.

  5. I am a South African and THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND STOLE MY FAMILY LAND, it’s still occupied by DESCENDANTS of BRITISH COLONIAL ELITES to this day and my family is dying of poverty!…@BBC you know very well the role your monarchy played in the displacement and impoverishment of Southern African people.…when will you tell the TRUTH about what England actually did to Robert Mugabe and the people of Zimbabwe, the Land Reparations England failed to fulfill in accordance to the Lancaster agreement?…and the fact that instead of sharing the vast land the British Government stole from the people of Zimbabwe and paying for the land which had enriched them into the Great Empire they were. The British media rather embarked on a ruthless campaign of lies defaming Robert Mugabe and demanding that the world starve Zimbabweans (via sanctions) for the sole benefit of a few Racist European Settlers of Rhodesia!… England is SOLELY responsible for the poverty and displacement of the people of Zimbabwe and South Africa not Mugabe…one would not have to scratch very far to find out the real reason behind this ill-placed BBC Grace Mugabe campaign, it’s no secret to the well informed Africans that you have no prayer outside the EU. Africa will not be England’s fall back plan anymore, you have taken enough from us, NO MORE!!!!! #OurLandNow #AmandlaAwethu #MayibuyeIAfrika #StopBBCPropaganda

  6. I’m black.
    If I move to Germany or England, will they give me land to farm????????????
    Whatever the answer is.
    That’s your answer when it comes to Zimbabwe.

  7. I’m white and want to be given a farm in Zimbabwe. I will move there and start growing crops if you’ll give me my piece of the pie

  8. The black government in Zimbabwe are Marxists that believe in wealth redistribution. The whites just so happened to be the wealthiest people in Zimbabwe, because they started thriving businesses growing crops and livestock. The jealous  blacks went and stole their farming businesses, under the slogan of wealth redistribution, and ran them into the ground. These blacks that took over the farms didn’t have the education or training to run these corporate farms. Running a business takes experience and training, and farming is a business when you are talking about farms that big. It’s not like having a food plot for subsistence farming.

  9. Do not ever believe what d BBC propaganda displays, this are the same people that helped in the murder of Gaddafi, they only do reports for propaganda, wake up Africans

  10. n they say want their land back from the white but the government was stealing from their own people aiysh

  11. Nothing but anti Mugabe propaganda. BBC is a pathetic joke, you know full well you hate him because he kicked white RACIST thieves out of Zimbabwe and the West has been attacking him ever since.

  12. White man, why are you in Africa exposing corruption? Go to your own Homeland and speak of the corruption in the US and in Europe, please why don’t you do that? And as a matter of fact why don’t you speak of your corruption in Africa! You want to know where the money came from indeed! Where has the money and labor come from to build and sustain your nation’s? If you want to talk about something talk about that, you devils. In the United States black men are being murdered in the streets by the government, the law, but where is your investigation into that? You make Zimbabwe your business because Mugabe is a man that called you out for what you are a murderous, thief, liar rapist amd put you out! You make Africa your business because you know without Afrika you would die, without African people you could not live or merely survive. You are a plagued to Africa and the Earth and one day the revenge of the Creator will come down on you and oh what a glorious day it will be! Get Out of Africa! Africa for natural Africans!

  13. What’s the matter BBC? Africa turn out to be a such an enormous shit-hole and not the utopia you promised even you are forced into confessing it?

  14. I’ve met many Zimbabwean people over the last twelve years of living in Britain. If I could generalise, I’d say they typically are well educated, quiet but strong, principled, kind, diligent people who really hate how that man and his wife systematically destroyed their country with his racism. At least Mozambique and Botswana and a few other countries are now benefiting from an economic boost the farmers have brought.

  15. First they rob the whites then they rob the blacks, yes African Americans this is your ancestral homeland just like Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. My Hero..Grace Mugabe. Yes, get these white devils out of the Motherland and reclaim Africa for the Sun People. Reclaim the land and natural resources and SELL it to those devils for 5x the cost, then redistribute the revenue to ENRICH the Sun people. Muammar Gaddafi spirit live on!

  17. As long whites are not coming to take over the land they have stolen!!!! This is about whites’ land not black ownership!!

  18. Mmmmmm, so Hellen had no problem back then in 1980 to kick off white farmers from this same land. Karma is a funny but so nice. Eat what you ordered. Same is now happening in SA.

  19. she is no different than the british, freed from the british rule only to be enslaved by the same people that brought them their freedom.

  20. BBC Africa slogan: “Divide and conquer.”
    Many do not see through these documentaries, what their purpose is in Africa.

  21. This queen in England stole all our shit and you worried what Queen Grace Mugabe have in her own land…..this is some Bullshit!!!!!

  22. They just set "due process" / "rule of law" aside. And it’s not surprising that it will then applied to anybody.

  23. BBC is doing this because they want blacks Zimbabwe to return white British their land
    This documentary has a specific reason for propaganda

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