Zimbabwe Celebrates 39th Independence, Makes Promise to White Farmers

This Thursday, Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, will preside over the country’s 39th independence celebrations, an event that comes as his government is promising to partially compensate white commercial farmers whose lands were confiscated and redistributed to blacks during the decades-long rule of Robert Mugabe. Columbus Mavhunga reports for VOA News from Harare.
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  1. Zimbabwe must really regret what they did to white people they said our land our land look what came after that, people suffered more. And now they lie that they are going to compasate the white famers l don’t trust Mnangagwa

  2. stupid president of Zimbabwe, all you doing is helping to perpetuate white supremacy the, idea that black people can’t run a country. Shame really Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Russia has some of the harshest sanctions in the world, but you don’t see them begging for the master’s crumbs. Dam idiots

  3. ""Celebrates" independence. Ha. What a joke. You should have appreciated Rhodesia and not taken her for granted. Now you can enjoy your starvation.

  4. This is bad thou……… What was the reason for them to fight for the land….. Zanupf?????

  5. Don’t trust them, make money, contaminate the land and leave and watch the circus when they start starving 😂😂😂

  6. "He has agreed to pay people what they are not supposed to be paid…." says the man from the ruling ZanuPF.
    And the world will trust them…and everyone will live happily forever after…..
    Hahaha, some people live in fantasy land!

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