Zim civil servants reject allowance offer

Zimbabwe’s civil servants have turned down Government’s proposal to pay a monthly “cushioning” allowance of RTGS$97 per employee.

After an Apex Council meeting on Wednesday, the grouping’s secretary David Dzatsunga told ZTN News that “the allowance is a mockery”.

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  1. Austerity Measures are whats needed, your credit rating is garbage. Civil Servants have to go, but not before developing a Competitive Market Economy to generate more jobs and higher wages.
    – political and economic institution reform.
    – macro economic stability to keep inflation and debt under control (you can not rely on imports, you need to develop locally).
    – opening up to international markets to make firms more productive and competitive.
    – massive investment into education (private sector initiatives. e.g. Charter Schools in U.S.A.).
    all easier said than done… shouldnt your central bank have huge gold reserves? this is meant to be used as an emergency measure to finance foreign trade. and from my understanding, gold is one of the few thriving industries in Zimbabwe. its possible to refinance your debt and acquire FDI, if the appropriate controls were put in place.

  2. Haaa munobhohwa Imi kubvira rinhi muchingopihwa zvamusingade itai action apa .munenge murikupihwawo bribes imi

  3. Warume makasara.makafunda pasina.gvt inoita zvamunoda nemi cz muri zvimbwasungata.manje munofa muri mbwa.shut up idiot

  4. No more London shopping sprees for Grace with money her husband borrowed from all over the world – for ‘fixing the economy’. 😁

  5. Civil servant must understand the situation the country is facing, do not just rejects the salaries

  6. Be realistic comrade. Offer civil servants reasonable salaries that will enable us to live comfortably. The government spend money on luxury expenses such as touring places for luxury in dozens and paying themselves hefty allowances. We are tired of su h behaviors.

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