Xenophobia In South Africa

Soldiers are being sent into South African townships as attacks against immigrants continue to spread. Sky’s Alex Crawford reports.

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50 Responses

  1. Wow that’s madness…. Should other countries start chasing south Africans out of their countries too? We all praised south African for their hard work to liberates it people and now they are killing their fellows african brothers and sisters…. Oh Lord Jesus Christ intervention is need ASAP. This is barbaric act!!!!

  2. they are scared for whites… now they kill Blacks…. daahhhh they are so foolish… I now hate them….

  3. I guess other African countries should eradicate South Africans in their country. What form of foolishness is this? Killing each other and they are so proud of killing another human being. Talk about low iq and animalistic behaviour.

  4. funny part is that they say foreigners take jobs but not even one of these scumbags knows how to draft a CV nor look for work on internet and if its abt women lol cum on every women deserves a man hu can spoil her once in a month not beg or steal the grant money for drugs n booze . if these people pull their socks up xenophobia will be a thing of the past

  5. Just listen to a stupid and Beast Who calls himself à politicien thunder dire southafricans

  6. Even some of us south Africans are not safe in our own country because of fools like that thats why i left the country. And its only black south Africans whos behaving like that do u see any othe race in there see how they even talking about killing ur own fellow african brothers sick people.

  7. Any South African who takes up an arm and attack a fellow black is a fool and he or she should go hang themselves

  8. Many years of agony from the Europeans have changed their mentality to that of the lions over there. I really feel sorry for them . They are jealous of Nigerian men because they’re smarter and making more money that even their women ( south Africans) admire them a lot

  9. Very soon we will showdown mtn company in Nigeria and other African countryside, # southafricabetryers

  10. These people really deserved the apartheid rule, am very sad they got their independence, 😢😢😢

  11. Even when Africans left they will still be what they are..illiterates. Zombies.monkey ..imhuman living still in southafrica.People like this don’t belong to the modern world.

  12. I am black and I find these people deserve to b called baboons .I hope one day beautiful south Africa will one day rid itself of all this human trash.

  13. Mr Malema it is not poverty in material things; but we need mind liberation to figure out the reality and mend our ways of looking at things. To be able to admit that we are our own enemies for lack of knowledge. Whoever wants to cure Africa must start with shaping the young minds telling them the reality that physical resources matter when one is enlightened. Physical confrontation must be discarded instead intellect should be prioritized. It is the battle of wits arena; no longer earthen as it used to be.

  14. South Africa are the most fooliest set of people on earth. If they can derive joy in killing their black brother that means the rate of their foolishness is immeasurable.

  15. I have my brothers in Africa Ilove them too much all the nation’s are welcome to my kingdom as a chief

  16. I Thought South Africa was a mature democracy.i now know they are more of animals than humans.Hunting down fellow africans

  17. 1:23 U all missing the point… These guys say they want foreigners to leave the country and come back legally…hows is that wrong when gvt won’t act.. Even trump built the wall for the same reasons… But now this is done by black and less educated person it’s wrong…

  18. 80% sA are very lazy they not wnt to work they want to get money while they are slping wtf

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