Top 10 Least Educated Presidents in Africa 2019

Hello Displorers, welcome back to another informative video and thanks for watching, He one of our previous videos were talked about the Top 10 Most Educated African President in 2019 and due to how popular the video became, we figured it will be fair to make another video about the least Educated African Presidents. The leaders of a nation play a great role in deciding the future of the nation and are responsible for the nation’s progress. A nation can progress only through decisions of learned and educated leaders. However having a university degree doesn’t automatically make you a great leader considering the fact that there are leaders with several master degrees and phds who are still unable to lead. Despite the fact that having a proper education is a plus for leadership, The African presidents on this list are in no way bad leaders due to their lack of university degrees ,actually some of the best Leaders on the Continent have little or no Formal Education.
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In this video we are talking of African presidents with no Univerity Degrees, In one way or the other they are educated but are amongst the least educated .With that Said, in no particular order Here are the Top 10 least Educated African Leaders.
10. Isaias Afwerki – President of Eritrea
Isaias Afwerki, born 2 February 1946, is the first and current president of Eritrea, a position he has held since after the Eritrean War of Independence in 1993. Isaias grew up in Asmara and graduated from prince Makonnen High School in 1965. Isaias’ situation is quite interesting. He was actually a good student, passing his final year exams in high school thus gaining admission to study Engineering at the Haile Sellasie the first Univeristy today known as Addis Ababa University. However, he dropped out as he decided to join the Eritrean liberation struggle. That was a bold move; leaving your studies all in the name of democracy. Look where it has got him now, he’s Eritrea’s first and only president.
9. Paul Kagame – President of Rwanda.
Paul Kagame Began his primary education in a school near a refugee camp where he and other Rwandans refugees and began to integrate into the Ugandan culture. A the age of nine, he moved to the respected Rwengoro primary school, about 16kms away graduating with the best grades in the district. He subsequently attended Ntare school, one of the best schools in Uganda which is also the alma matter of the president of Uganda. The death of Kagame’s father in the early 70s and the departure of his best friend Rwigyema to an unknown location lead to the decline in his academic performance and an increase tendy to fight the people that belittle the Rwandans. He was eventually suspended from ntare school and completed his studies without distinction at old kampala secondary school where he later on joined the military.
8. Mohammadou Buhari – President of Nigeria
Buhari’s highest level of education is secondary school. He attended primary school in Daura and Mai’adua before proceeding to Katsina Model School in 1953 and to Katsina Provincial Secondary School (now Government College, Katsina) from 1956 to 1961. Buhari enrolled at age 19 in the Nigerian Military Training College in 1962.[12] In February 1964, the college was upgraded to an officer commissioning unit of the Nigerian Army and renamed the Nigerian Defence Academy (prior to 1964, the Nigerian government sent cadets who had completed their NMTC preliminary training to mostly Commonwealth military academies for officer cadet training). From 1962 to 1963, Buhari underwent officer cadet training at Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot in England
7. Ismail Omar Guelleh – President of Djibouti
The president of Djibouti, growing up, attended a traditional Islamic school, before completing high school and joining the police. He would later rise to the position of police inspector before quitting in 1975 to join the independence movement. Guelleh has led his country since 1999 in elections his opponents claim were rigged. His country’s strategic position on the Gulf of Aden has made it home to U.S. and French military bases. While serving as the main gateway for trade for its neighbour, Ethiopia, Djibouti also hosts China’s first overseas military base and Japan’s first military base since the Second World

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  2. Isayas Afwerki was dismissed in freshman from addis ababa university.
    He is not educated just wicked man a dictator.

  3. I will always come back for more because the information is the best and on point and the professionalism and hardwork are what always get me.

  4. Some of these African leaders that lack qualification do manage to govern better than those that are qualified (who are mostly corrupt). Paul Kegame of Rwanda is good example of this for he has managed to transform his country from one of the worst and darkest chapter in it’s history (1994 genocide) to one of the most peaceful and fastest growing economy in the world.

  5. Unfortunately university degree is just a piece of paper. Many have turned to buying such papers to a peace the likes of you. Not all education delivers knowledge.

  6. Iseyas Afwerki is not aur President aur countre has not President, Iseyas is Diktatur 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

  7. Eritrean president Isayas Aforki is not educated president. He even can’t good English.
    He destroyed our lovely country.
    This is fake.

  8. Eritrean isayas afwerki is uneducated brutal dictator destroy the country closed the one university we had he is wicked man people are fledgling from Eritrea
    No university
    No constitution
    No parliament
    No religion freedom
    No moving freedom
    No work freedom
    No building houses freedom
    No basic everyday consumption
    No justice the killers are walking free the jornalist and who asked for justice development and thousands of people are kidnapped for 19 years no body know whether they are alive or dead.
    Totally the basic human right is abused by isayas afwerki. To throw him down Eritreans are all over the world struggling they are organizing by enough/ yiakle campaign. Hopfuly he will not exist in 2020.

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