The Defeat of the Rwandan-backed M23 Rebels is a First Step To Peace in the DRC

Maurice Carney: Activists and independent media played a key role in pushing the US to demand Rwanda stop supporting the M23 rebels

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  1. It was the CIA that deposed Patrice Lumumba, haled as the DRC’s first democratically elected leader. Lumumba’s cardinal sin against U.S. interests in the region was that he pledged to govern based on the interest of the Congolese people, thus the CIA then directed by Allan Dulles conspired to overthrow him in coup d’etat; justifying their crimes as ridding the nation of a communist sympathizer. These malignancies still persist today, and have castrated the Congolese psyche ever since!

  2. The turmoil and continual instability within the Congo, is a direct result of foreign intervention to extract and reap the resources of the mineral rich nation. Like the brutality of the colonial Belgians, the United States’ policy towards the Congolese is an oppressive one; which spurs violence and corruption to allow multinational corporations to plunder the Tin and Copper mines as well as rough diamonds. All this while the United Nations’ contingency does nothing but witnesses the atrocities!

  3. You do not know what you are sharing with the World. Real News used to tell the truth but now u are biased.Corrupted by………….what?please u should not mention Rwanda and ignore the truth of M23 existence. Do u really know why M23 is there? Do u really know that FDLR work hand in hand with the UN/IB and Congolese army?Do u really remember how youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and many other westerners nations ignored Rwanda genocide?This is how u are hiding the truth and promoting the worthless info on your TRNN??? Stop your natural bias with this guy who claim what he does not know.Ask him when he left Congo. U should know how to question and to whom u are asking such questions. To conclude, correct your topic: Instead of saying" The Defeat of the Rwandan-backed M23 Rebels.."better to say " UN/IB/+FARDC+FDLR (genocidaires) defeated M23 Rebels".

  4. Finally, this bloodshed kind of ends, on the other hand congo needs a transition from the current way of government to democracy under the UN.

  5. at any point the US can basically solve the war in the Congo by putting pressure on the belligerents it supports, but they don’t for obvious reasons, Microsoft’s share prices first and foremost. The US cannot possibly allow the Congolese people to decide their own fate, it would stop the robbery of the Congo by their corporate masters so they create and enhance conflict there that keeps the resources (cordite) coming into Bill Gate’s pockets tariff and regulation free.

  6. Like Cambodia? Sorry but I have no faith in the United Nations. Only a socialist revolution can change the lives of the people. The current DRC was founded by former rebels who fought Mobutu in the 90’s. What they created was no alternative to the former Republic of Zaire under Mobutu. Current president Joseph Kabila Kabange, is the son of former president Laurent-Désiré Kabila who was murdered in 2001. Elections in the DRC are not free, not fair and not democratic at all.

  7. Completely one-sided and biased piece. The interviewee is hostile towards Rwanda and the Tutsi people. The interviewee constantly mentions how Rwanda/Uganda "invaded" Congo in ;96 & ’98. What he conveniently fails to mention that Mabuto/Zaire supported the Hutu Genocidal Regime in the Rwandan Civil War, and that Zaire/Congo protected & still protects the Hutu murderers. The interviewee fails to mention that the wife of the Tanzanian President is the cousin of the former Hutu dictator of Rwanda!

  8. @Warren Clark, Mobutu may have been a tyrant but did not kill or leave 7,000,000 dead and 500,000 raped women so please leave him alone. About freeing the Congolese you got it completely wrong, Rwanda and Uganda who couldn’t finish those little rebellion (FDLR and LRA, ADF-NALU) could never defeat Mobutu’s army without the USA-UK help. We all know the history. For example to Hunt Joseph Kony the UPDF couldn’t even fly helicopter without getting fuel from Americans and you think they could invade a country the size of Europe? Tutsis got caught up in their GREED, NOW IT’S TIME TO PAY! If as they say they are brave warriors, well they should prepare for war, it’s coming at your door again.

    Laurent Kabila said it "La guerre sera longue et populaire et nous la ramenerons d’ou elle est venu"!

  9. The DRC is the biggest failed state in the world. I feel so sorry for the people who are forced to live there. First they were slaughtered by a criminal Belgian king, then a colony of Belgium until 1960. After only five years of freedom, the CIA put Mobutu into power who ruled as a kleptomaniac until he was removed from power in 1997. Since then the ”Democratic” Republic of Congo is ruled not by the people, but by former rebels who did nothing to help the poor!

  10. The interviewee fails to mention it was Kagame & Museveni’s "invasion" of ’96 that freed Zaire/Congo from Mabutu’s tyranny and brought Joseph Kabila’s father to the Presidency! Congo’s Eastern Kivu Province is the home anti-Rwanda groups like FDLR (Hutu Extremists) and anti-Uganda groups like ADF-NALU (Jihadist/Islamist).

  11. How quickly the self-proclaimed popular "(Banya)mulenge" rebellion loses its acclaimed support, once the oh-so-denied lion share of Rwanda is suppressed!
    But I wouldn’t expect any less than this being the Egypt scenario again by the US and the UK: unleash the beast, put the leash on, unleash the beast again. As if they’d ever give the Congolese a chance to establish stock exchange over the El Dorado of Congolese resources – vast enough to turn the poorest into the richest.

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