Talk To The Camera – At Goderich Street Freetown – Sierra Leone

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Sierra Network Talk To The Camera is a brand new TV Series where the team will give people chance to give their views in things that are affecting them and their communities. This episode Sierra Network was at the scene when a car exploded at Goderich Street in Freetown.

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14 Responses

  1. Lack of fire fighters only one truck to fight the fire it should two trucks or more our government should look on to this all the leaders are a mess

  2. Thank God no loss of life, although it is sad to see this beautiful car on fire. I felt sorry for the driver and the owner. Talk To The Camera thank you for sharing

  3. I feel sad for the owner of the car.Tthe fire force department could not provide protective gears to it workers wow thats surprising

  4. This tells you as a nation we still have a very long way to go. I pray God almighty replace for the owner.

  5. Chinese part dem no good wi fo start fo mek wi yon tings dem, ar no know watin fire force di do wit no PPI God help wi.

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