Sudan protest: Demonstrators continue sit-in despite crackdown – BBC News

Elements of Sudan’s military moved to protect demonstrators during deadly clashes in Khartoum between security forces and protesters, witnesses say.
Soldiers tried to chase away pick-up trucks firing tear gas, on the second night of a sit-in protest calling for President Omar al-Bashir to resign.
Protesters sought shelter in a navy facility, a witness said, as tension among the armed forces was laid bare.

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Heavy gunfire has been heard outside the army headquarters in the Sudanese capital Khartoum where thousands of protesters have been holding a sit-in for the third night in a row.

They are calling for the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir.

Witnesses reported seeing people running for cover after the shooting began. Earlier, tear-gas was fired.
It appears to be the latest attempt by government security agents to break up the protests.
One of the protesters, Ahmed Mahmoud, told the BBC that “tear-gas and live bullets were used” by National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) agents against protesters.

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  1. libyayı görmediniz mi ırakı görmediniz mi amerika ya köpeklik etmeyin liderlerinize sahip çıkın.

  2. Good to see the Sudanese people demonstrating against the corrupt UK establishment and the Brexit betrayal ..

  3. Who cares
    Talk about how the government want to censor us all so msm like the BBC can push propaganda without anyone calling their bs out

  4. I hope we as Sudanese can get rid of this government as soon as possible. Sudan no longer stands on 2 feets, but I hope that the replacement would not become anything worse

  5. People will NOT stop demanding omar albshir to step down so why is still in office. He should resign immediately.

  6. Stop the Putin fascism in Ukraine. Stop the war. America and Europe close their eyes to the occupation of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. We, the Ukrainian people, gave nuclear weapons the 3rd place in the world for peace and defense against occupation. Why is not negotiated? We want peace, not war. Putin bluntly kills civilians and Ukrainian soldiers.

  7. Countries falling
    Kingdoms collapses

    People angry
    Politicians evil

    False hope are everywhere
    The system began to fall

    We know the truth
    But cannot act

    We can only watch
    But not fight

    What happen to the world today?
    In this modern era of humanity?

    There should be peace
    But there is not

    Great nations falling
    Smaller ones are crippling

    The clean leaders
    Replaced by corrupt one

    Greed overrules them
    Ego consumed them

    We can only hope
    We can only pray

    For them to realize
    For them to repent

    There will be no peace
    Without respect

    If we want peace
    We must understand

    Not just

  8. For 3 months I thought the labourer on the building site was called Dan dare
    Because every time the men spoke to him from the roof
    They would say
    Oi you down there get me some tiles
    WE NEED TO LIS T E N carefully so listen to the Sudanese before judging

  9. That means more of these useless skin sacks trying to get into Europe sink the boats

  10. Since Saturday not Friday… Saturday 1:00 pm the March started towards the Military HQ and the sit in is still on going till now.

  11. Yes Africans!!!! Kill your worthless, corrupt and spineless leaders who are controlled by the west to reduce competition so only their societies can be prosperous! I support you

  12. All coincidence! (Irony) After Turkey has rented the island for 100 years and found oil in the region, the West coups the government and brings the pro-Western military to power. Everywhere the same games and per American propaganda manipulated the people in Europe!

  13. اللهم احفظ بلادي السودان وابعد عنها الظلم والظالمين اللهم امين

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