Sudan President Omar al-Bashir 'to stand down in 2020' – BBC News

President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court on counts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, says he will step down in 2020, when his current mandate ends.
In an exclusive interview with the BBC, Mr Bashir has denied allegations of abuses perpetrated by the Sudanese forces in renewed violence in Darfur this year. Mr Bashir spoke to the BBC’s Thomas Fessy, who began by asking him to respond to the allegations.

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50 Responses

  1. Guys dont trust this..
    the people who are sended to fight the protestors are the goverment, they cannot be sent by themselves for fun. Dont trust him hes been president for approximatley 30 years and hes been saying if the citizens dont want me i will stop. There was one of the deadly protest fighting in 2013, why didnt he stop. The goverment recives 50 billion each year, why cant he do anything to help the people. He started to remeber his citizens after he was wanted badly. This protest shall not stop until justice comes. As sudanese people we will die for justice. Beacuse justice matters more than our lives and thats why people in sudan sacrifice their life forJUSTICE

  2. Africa has been feeding itself for millions of years. Trouble begins and ends with the European invasions and presence and meddling in the affairs of other.

  3. Living in Sudan should be in our CV it’s a skill. This ass is making it so hard for us to live in Sudan.

  4. I want him to die already he haze never helped people and he just wants to be the president just for the big house that the president has to live he cares about him self and not others he never did one thing to help Sudan be a better place my grandparents live there and we visit and the place is horrible kids are smoking and there is garbage around the place he should look at the world befor he looks at him self he is selfish and wants everything to him self 😡😠😤🤬💩😈👎🏿🐽🐷⚡️🇸🇩

  5. Nah bro, you don’t have that much time, You done fucked up!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  6. Bashir in 2011: Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir ‘will not seek re-election’ – BBC News
    Also Bashir: Stands for presidency anyway and wins a landslide victory

    Bashir in 2016: Sudan President Omar al-Bashir ‘to stand down in 2020’ – BBC News
    Also Bashir: nominated by his own party to stand, despite a recent two-term limit law. NCP scraps the term limit.

    This person time and time again goes against his word, and his own party keeps making this possible. This should really tell us the problem goes a lot deeper than simply the man himself but the entire ruling party.

    Please understand that although Bashir may have done some good things for Sudan, he is ultimately holding you all back.

    His AND his party’s exit are long overdue.

  7. Go Fuck your self , oh I forgot you already are fucked fuck face . Bye 👋🏾 Mr Fuck face .

  8. Mohammed Medani…
    But you haven’t taken into consideration as to why opposition choose to create fake accounts. Accounts with unreal names widely used amongst oppositions in all countries ruled by dictatorships Sudan is the largest of all.
    If criticising corruption is a death penalty in Sudan how dear you want them to come out with their real name?

  9. He doesn’t deserve a President in Sudan,I see him face alots of criminal lies,demons

  10. الجاي عشان يشوفو لمن يتكلم انجليزي بشكل مخرمج يدوس لايك 😂

  11. Let him die slowly while he sees everything he has done to people. What a evil man.

  12. This guy is not innocent.. Behind his fake smile and his lies Satan is hiding.. he turns lives in Sudan into hell..

  13. Omar Al Bashir says I stand down on 2020, 5 years later I step down next election ,5 years later I step down on next election, 5 years later I step down on next election

  14. Be care full from this Westerns They are here not only for news they are here looking for a way to creat a civil War a Conflict now they are gathering information to use it later … They all care about is the natural resources and OIL … DON’T LET THEM IN SUDAN BAND THEM ALL OF THEM WHO AND WHAT EVER THEY ARE … ( UN . WHO … NGOS .. NEWS REPORTS … ALL OF THEM ) THEY ARE EVILS.

  15. The Sudans are really the best people I hope peace and freedom for you my brothers in Sudan tahiyati li aha bi Sudan from Somalia 🇸🇴

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