Sudan Crackdown: African Union suspends Sudan from organisation

The African Union’s Peace and Security Council voted to suspend Sudan from all AU activities until a civilian government has been formed. Arabella Munro reports.
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8 Responses

  1. Hhhh funny thing if African union that much worried about Sudan that they suspended their membership then well suspend Egypt Algeria morroco and majority of the nations in African continent.

  2. there should be civilian government. but African Union is doing double standard. Why Egypt is not suspended for the same reason?

  3. The Sundanese people wanted this. They wanted to do away with President Omar Al-Bashir now they got something they were not expecting.

  4. The west is enjoining Sudan plight …first they forced it’s separation into two …now they again seek to separate the darfur region
    There are secret exploits by experts from the west … Suiting ducks Africa

    As usual

    But Sudan was once the biggest and safest in Africa… Africom is in Africa

  5. Sudan deserves better than military rule!! Down with military rule..we want our brothers to have a civilian and democratic government. I wish you all good things from Somalia my brothers

  6. Sudanese force their leader out of power now watch them crumble from the interfrence of outsiders

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