South Africa’s Foreign Shop Owners Flee Out Of Fear Of Attacks

The raids began in Soweto, after a foreign shopkeeper shot dead a teenager, who allegedly tried to rob him Monday night. With poverty and unemployment being widespread, frustration in Johannesburg’s run-down neighbourhoods often boils over into anti-immigrant violence. In 2008, South Africa was hit by a wave of xenophobic violence that left 62 people dead.

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  1. The whole problems are the government for their low protect and S.A are the most İgnorant and racists

  2. If these were Africans victims you would have 10,000 more views and people saying South Africans never attack Indians and whites.

  3. Not so nice is it when a group of people come to attack you when you’re a foreigner scared and alone is it Asians?

  4. I am Pakistani and I worked in South Africa for 3 yrs…. These black people hate anyone who is not black… My friends were beaten so many times without doing anything wrong. Only bcoz they were not black.
    South Africa bad place. I leave job and come to Saudi Arabia.

  5. what will a South African teach as about African history…well they even don’t know about their own southafrican history

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