South Africa may take land from white farmers – So What

The South African government is debating whether to expropriate land from white farmers and give it to black South Africans.

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Land expropriation means taking property and land without any form of financial compensation. Critics of the proposed plans say it will run South Africa’s economy and increase poverty as it did in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile supporters believe it’s an attempt to move beyond South Africa’s history of racism – and is a step towards redressing some of the most damaging legacies of apartheid, townships and segregation.


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50 Responses

  1. If White people had not made South Africa into such an amazing country would Blacks even have ANY interest in it?

  2. So what if the africans with their typical 70 IQ take land and ruin it. making South Africa unproductive, yeh so what!

  3. Should the boer government not yielded to international pressure and maintained control? Should the goverrnt have forcibly expelled every bantu tribe from SA before 1994? And if so, so what?

  4. Just to clear everything up in this comment session .The land ( SA) was occupied by hunter-gatherer San (Bushmen) and the pastoral Khoekhoe (Hottentots), which were collectively the Khoisan. This doesn’t mean the country belongs to black people in this modern times of south africa . Lets not forget that some of the blacks in SA today have somehow came from africans border and into SA . A country is not given to the first arrivals of humans just because they were their first . A country is formed from the fittest and strongest humans , and through that a country forms and grows . Same principle goes for the united states , with the red indians .

  5. One White farmer is killed every 5 days. This far left “journalist” doesn’t want you to know that.

  6. You mean to the Bantu people will be taking and destroying the farm land. Unfortunately for the Khoi, they will never be able to their land back.

  7. White South Africans nowadays: "Mimimi it wouldn’t be fair if they take the land without compensation" 
    ….. wait a minute, isn’t that exactly the way YOU gained control over the land in the first place?? And now, when it’s the other way around, and you’re not the one benefitting anymore, NOW it’s suddenly unfair?
    Oh, the irony. Get outta here.


  9. The left will "not tolerate" Columbus. What’s wrong with correcting racism with racism? Apartheid there was a fallacy. An exaggeration of Communists. Why do we have all these colored people in our countries telling us how racist we are when they can just go home? It’s all the same answer: they are liars who need productive people to steal from. this is a country for all? then, yes, you will fucking tolerate Columbus.

  10. That’s why African countries are shitholes with poor economy damn you niggas😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭🤪🤪

  11. Blame it on government, 99% black,GDP falls every yr, govt workers are rich, must be where billions in s Africa aid went !

  12. This idiot, who only has this job because the whites showed mercy on his skin colour, is now advocating for land expropriation in the name of social justice. Congrats UK for importing snakes who will bite you at the first moment they get.

  13. What a rubbish presentation that is so shallow and biased reporting that it ought to be exhibited as an example of the wort type of journalism on earth.
    Quite evident the reporter presents a shallow and distorted set of facts in is presentation. One has to as whether he really hates all south Africans and rather than look at the facts in depth he presents an edited version of the statements of the people he selected as supporting facts for his video.
    Just look at the figures of murders in the country of farmers compared to others.
    No explanation which a proper investigate journalist would do that would take into consideration of how many white farmers were murdered by black activists compared to black activists murdering other blacks or white farmers murdering blacks. That is deliberately left out.

  14. No way Europe or the US would ever let that happen. Governments can take land but they would have to pay market price.

  15. fact check
    remanants of apartheid -white people still owning lands forcibly taken away from the black people, economic inequality etc remain.
    more murders directed towards the downtrodden society than directed towards white people. but to some extent the murders are racially motivated. yes we can agree to that.

    possible solution
    expropriate the lands by providing compensation and allow for a more gradual renouncement of ownership therefore providing ample time for the black farmers to learn the correct ways of maintaining large farmlands. even allow for some sort of profitsharing for the whites despite the ownership under blacks.both sides have a win-win situation.
    For the white who dont agree WITHOUT USING VIOLENCE move/force them out of the lands by using threat of jail time or increasing taxes to abnormal rates.

    Sounds fair after decades of oppression. You Reap what you sow.

  16. The chickens are returning home to roost in all predominantly white nations. The sins of your fathers will visited on the sons.

  17. Let’s not forget about all the money from China coming in. They will need land for minerals. And they are honorary blacks, right. The South African people are going to lose again. China needs the land for the minerals and unfortunately the government want the mo way from China in order to line their own pockets. It will be the same as before.

  18. Yes, they are killing people based on their skin colour. So what?
    Zimbabwe did the same and they all became billionaires!

  19. they are recovering what they once robbed and you can not say they are taking or taking away, you have to say they are recovering what in their day the whites took over the forces of their owners and someone who wants justice returns them. ..

  20. if the African Americans won’t stop reminding white people of the past, then why don’t I just hold something over their head, your own leaders sold you off xd.

  21. This entire discussion is completely irrelevant. Unfortunately, the future of South Africa is very bleak. As the white population becomes a smaller and smaller minority due to black immigration, white emigration, and out-breeding, SA will become more and more like its neighboring nations. Eventually, their economies will collapse due to massive corruption, mismanagement, tribal warfare, crime, and overpopulation. Unfortunately, the recent economic collapse in Zimbabwe will look like a Sunday picnic compared to the South African apocalypse that is to come.

  22. where do they get this 73% from? doesn’t the government own over 3000 farms? why aren’t they handing them out?

  23. Most of the Blacks (Bantus) there are not native to that land. The Pygmy and Khoisan are more native to those areas.
    Not only that, but the Whites also settled into marshlands which they formed into farmland. No native could settle those lands due to the diseases that they carried. The Whites didn’t take that land from the Blacks, they took it from the flies and mosquitoes.

  24. As usual, this "News Report" is purposely lying to the public. There is a huge difference between the murder rates of "whites" and "white farmers". Most whites are not farmers and instead live within high-security, gated communities in more urban areas. Those fortunate whites pay big bucks and employ tens of thousands of black and white private security personnel to protect them from the rampant violent crime. (In fact, there are more private security cops than actual cops in SA.) The white farmers are not so fortunate. Their murder rates are higher than any other profession.

  25. All this is because blacks and whites are not working together , as BOB MARLEY sang until that day when the philosophy that holds one race superior to another is finaly and totaley abandoned, its war and rumours of war, my question is. why can’t south africans accross the colour divide just shake off their hate for each other, and see eacher as equals, you lot need each other, you need to reflect and think if anything goes wrong you all stand to loose, and outsiders will laugh at all of you, think think and think again, there is enough wealth for all to enjoy

  26. The down side of quota hires, the inability to properly do the most basic of tasks. So, the energy companies and water companies are poorly run and in most cases do t work.

  27. 19 000 murders of all people (55 million) is 0.0345% murder rate. 70 farm murders of 35 000 farmers is a 0.208% murder rate – nearly 7 times higher than the overall rate!!! Is it so difficult to do the maths!!!

  28. I love how this propaganda video presented by super beta male with no record on geopolitic other than attending some journo class with his other girly friends

  29. Returning back to black farmers ? They aren’t farmers and they don’t know how to farm – get ready Zimbabwe 2.0 – water infrastructure sewage crime and food now at risk – good luck with that – stupid people just want to take what others have built – this won’t turn out well but hey support the communist ANC that practice reverse discrimination.

  30. you know farming is very hard its not easy. people go to college just to learn how to farm so many things need to be right soil water nutrients sun … will cause famine

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