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Save the Children aid organisation is warning that thousands of children are likely to have been separated from their families as a result of the latest violence in South Sudan. It says many children are surviving on their own in very remote areas. Refugee camps are crammed with tens of thousands of people who’ve fled the conflict. Wendy Urquhart reports.


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  1. There must be a solution for this violence. Ordinary people are being affected. Is there no other way to stop this violence.

  2.  South Sudan’s Fuel projections were set to produce over 17. 000 barrels of crude daily, in a joint-collaboration with Russia’s Safiant which with Nile petroleum helped build the upper Nile refinery; this explains whose funding the coup d’etat to oust pres. Salva Kiir and why a U.S. contingency is now entering the region. The age of Colonial protectorates on the African continent have entered a new less subtle phase from absolute rule, to rulership and influence via proxy monarchs or dictators installed by either the U.S. or European nations many of which have long sought control over much of Africa. France, has currently intervened militarily into the crises within the Central African Republic not because they have a moral obligation to the nation; but to protect their interests and the Uranium and plutonium mines to keep their centrifuges functional. The ethnic and religious tensions within many African nations are existent, but is a direct result of European colonial boundaries conjured in much of the 18th and 19th centuries. However these European nations ceased total rule due to popular uprisings so now they influence elections and maintain power through multinational corporations in the region. This practice is a form commonly referred to as "Neo-Colonialism," companies like the U.S.’s oil importer Chevron and Dutch Shell which extracts crude petroleum from the Niger delta owned partly by the Dutch Crown; and has polluted much of the tropical inhabitants in areas surrounding it. While, European nations have been stagnant in growth, developing nations in Africa have experienced significant economic progress. This has put much of the individual members of NATO in competition to carve out their own swathe of the continents vast wealth and resources; such as China and especially the U.S. which has bases in Djibouti and others around the continent.

  3. *This world will see PEACE and L☉VE if we see THE TRUTH*

    To know the fundamental *TRUTH* of life and be a part of *THE SOLUTION*,

    _Search for "The Truth Contest" and read what the present says_

  4. The only way Africa is gonna get fixed is when America leave it alone and African nations stop acting like scared pussy’s and do coups on there governments take power and create a democracy where everyone has chance!

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