Senegal marks 48 years of independence from France

1. President Abdoulaye Wade waves to crowd from limousine
2. Mid shot of Wade in limousine
3. Mid of military musical band
4. Various of the gendarmerie in armoured troop carriers in camouflage livery
5. Various of armoured cars in white
6. Various of vehicles
7. President Abdoulaye Wade standing to attention
8. Various of first women soldiers in the Senegalese army marching past
9. Cutaway of crowds watching the parade
9. Wide of (and zoom in to) another Darfur-bound unit marching
10. Reverse of same unit marching
11. Cutaway of crowds
12. Various of guard of honour in red uniforms
13. Various of police women on buggies
14. Cutaway of away of two men watching
15. Military helicopter flying overhead


Senegal celebrated its 48th anniversary of independence on Friday, marking the end of French colonial rule.

The occasion was marked, as it is each National Day, with a military parade through the streets of the capital Dakar.

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade arrived in a black limousine before the Senegalese arsenal was brought out for display.

Among the units to march in the parade were the Guard of Honour, the first female combatants and two units heading to Darfur as UN peacekeepers.

The North Korean president Kim Yong Nam, sent congratulations to Wade on Wednesday.

In his message Kim wished the Senegalese president success in his work to achieve social progress and economic development.

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