Secret trade in baby chimps – BBC News

A secret network of wildlife traffickers selling baby chimpanzees has been exposed by a year-long BBC News investigation. The animals are seized from the wild and sold as pets.

A raid on premises in Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s largest city, led to the rescue of a young chimp who is now in the care of the authorities.

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  1. 12500 for a baby chimp that’s it !! oh shit where can i buy one. Can someone send me the link to the website.

    But i only wish they would remain that small and cute. Once they grow up they dont look so good. Why can’t we engineer something like a miniature chimp. Like how we made the chihuahua, c’mon it cant be that hard people would be willing to pay for that kind of luxury pet. And not only that once we have that little cutie available all the poaching of wild chimps will stop.

  2. I never understood the selling point of a baby chimp as a pet, especially to a family. As a seller, do you just say as they get older, chimps will not get any bigger than this (the size of the baby)? There seems to be a LOT of stupid buyers out there!

  3. Glad to see this trafficker finally caught. I’ve been following a blog that’s been documenting the investigation for the past year. Very interesting

  4. Probably had a diaper on the vile thing so it wouldn’t defecate all over the floor..the diaper also prevents it from eating its own feces and throwing feces at people

  5. I love monkey I don’t know why people think it is ok to kill there family or keep them as a pet this is wrong what if you like it if it your family who be kill they keep you as a pet Let the monkey go free what did monkey do too you.

  6. Only $12,500? Some breeders want $15,000 for a macaque and there’s a hundred million of those nasty dumb things, while a chimp is endangered and way smarter than a tree rat. That can’t be right. I know after a couple years you want to dump both but come on.

  7. They make great pets because it illegal they kill them to get them as pets instead of breed them so that’s why they are going extinct because of people like Jane goodnot

  8. How the hell does anyone find these things cute? Even as babies ppl treat them like human babies and expect these half retarded,aggressive,noisey,violent killers to act wild again. And the babies just sit a scream for fuckin moms tit all day! No wonded the babies get killed in the wild by an annoyed adult male. Would u really want this constantly noisey,spoiled,thing knocking shit off ur shelves,pulling shit out of their diapers,harrassing other pets,etc. Plus they are so fuckin ugly like orangutan babies who are even more useless and helpless. Just free them as soon as they are found and let them learn. They claim they have to teach em to climb and everything. Thats more propaghanda cuz the babies seem to have no issue climbing up platforms for food! Also with chimp babies,they do NOT have to kill the whole troop or family. They only have to shoot the mother to get the babies cuz after that first gun shot,they all run far away. No chimp stays around after hearing that. Hell they kill and eat children from their own troop,do u think they all get brave and will risk death for some mother n child they have little relationship with?

  9. Chimpanzes are not pets. Take one as a pet and i garantee you (as an apes specialist) that :
    1- you Will have to find a sanctuary when he gets to puberty. They get extremely violent.
    2- die. Cause There case like that all over the world.
    They are Wild animals and Are as intelligent as a 8 or 10 years old. Taking one as pet is dangerous for you, illégal and very selfish since chimpanzes have very complex society and family structure. They live in big group and without the présence of another chimp, he wont be happy. Some after being take from their Mothers simply let themselfs die. Chimps dont need human love. Chimps need Wild and other chimps. Simple as that. Now they need to go back in a sanctuary where hopefully they are young enough to learn before being release into the Wild. Anybody Who keep chimpanze with clothes pizzas ipads is abusive. That is abuse. The need of the owner (love a chimp) is more important than the chimp needs (Free Wild and family). This Is abuse. And everybody will Tell me : but now they have Been kidnapped we have to keep him. No! Absolutly not! Theres sanctuaries all over the world that would Do a way better job. Cause you simply dont have what His needs are. Sanctuary, One that focus on réhabilitation would be the key for Them.

  10. This filthy disgusting creature , should be immediately , neutered or spayed. Then surgically remove their finger and toe nails ,Ws well as their K9 teeth. Also clip several of their muscle fibers ,in their arms and legs. Whilst I last but not least remove whatever it is , that allows them to make those loud crued aggressive and violent screams. That is for starters.That guy should be rewarded, rather than punished.

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