Rwanda strives to stop Ebola from spreading from DR Congo

Rwanda is taking emergency measures to try and stop the Ebola virus from spreading across the border from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Since the latest outbreak was discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo a year ago, the disease has killed at least 1,800 people.
The health ministers of both countries have met to agree to a plan of action to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
Al Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker reports from the Rwandan border city of Gisenyi.

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7 Responses

  1. Run from the demonic white coats! They are injecting you with experimental poisons to depopulate you, so they can steal your resources!

  2. Ebola is a Trojan horse….its been killing Congo for so long , with civil wars every day…yet Congo has the largest reserves of essential minerals for technology….with instability their country gets plundered for free…

  3. That’s lies, you guys are full of lies been corrupted by the Tutsi with their general Kagame backing by the so called international community, been caught up in Rwandese Oumbwenge whose aim is detrim Drcongo for the development of Rwanda so obviously Kagame is enjoying the atrocities and dreadful, evil life is causing to Congolese with the backing of the world elites and my question is that how on earth Rwanda could do better than congo if it’s not Oubwenge

  4. Ethiopian Airlines should stop flying to any affected nation! And extra screen its citizens who plan to come to Ethiopia!

  5. They won’t be able to stop Ebola until they stop the white people injecting them with it. It was made in a lab along with HIV and other bio weapons. Those people are not so different from everyone else that they get these kind of ailments. The DRC has minerals and they are putting Ebola on them, followed by a mystery vaccine, which will lead to a permanent medicine needed to stay alive. Totally cold blooded and racist.

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