Rebel leader Riek Machar returns to mark peace deal in South Sudan

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Celebrations are held in Juba to mark the latest peace deal aimed at ending South Sudan’s five years of civil war. The agreement reinstates rebel chief Riek Machar as vice president and sees his return to the country for the first time in two years. Also, opposition leaders in DR Congo say the country is still not ready for tense polls due in December. And as election campaigning heats up in Madagascar, some of the poorest members of society are struggling to develop an interest in the event.

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46 Responses

  1. Africa come together Muslim and Christian that is the key discipula using to destroy us once we come together you will see how African would develop very fast I for come with develop fast like a rocket going to the sky African would develop African power you need to pay attention to people that is coming to your country to stats to make people fight wall P attention to the folks that is coming to your country to use christom a muslin fighting himself so that can say that women Africa open your eyes

  2. I hate these evil leaders under whose watch thousands of people have perished to massage their evil egos. I hope they put that country before their ego.

  3. This loser and his friend vice president needs to resign and handover power to the young generation. They both has contributed in killing their own people.

  4. this is not true that restoration force are the only one who killed the american missinary is paul biya forces . how are you believe those tell lies that transparency international observed the election just to find it was fake

  5. I know there is gonna be a piece phone day in Sudan I know that we have to keep this piece we have to maintain its this piece is for sudam and all of algae ball via war you have gold you have mineral resource it sit down and enjoy a mineral resources stop fighting wall think how to develop your country stop killing one another you have world the world is looking for think about it president of Sudan think about it

  6. Here is what I have trouble with the problem is not South’s down that is causing this problem is other people who wants to use excuse to create wall in Sudan so they can’t have time to steal and to imbezu all military associate that’s dead have when they’re fighting war all the a dime on is going out all your gold is going out all the O yell is going out but they’re fighting wall Dissentin that is happening in Congo the are fighting wall are their food is going out audio gold is going to Europe


  8. Get rid of Religion and you will be fine. That is the white man’s institution to control the minds of the mass.

  9. Peace must be forever. No to civil war because of politics. Hurray to peace for the entire world. I am also hoping that there will be a support for the mother who is in poverty in this video. The UN must focus in himanitarian aid than conflict

  10. France totally destroyed Libya……stole it’s 144tons of gold……still stealing millions worth of crude oil daily. Libya was prosperous under Gaddafi, today libya had become home for terrorists/rebel factions. War is a profiting business

  11. *i was long time in Maban, but really the US government and other western country try to make war in south sudan and send arm*

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