Protest in Zimbabwe gets violent as police clash with demonstrators

Zimbabwe’s riot police clashed with protesters on Friday in Harare over calls for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to set up a transitional authority to address economic problems and organize credible elections.


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50 Responses

  1. You notice the *pattern* of protests now. Consider a "group" who go around and "create’ stir up protests? And suddenly Worldwide which if continued, will be cause for Roman global police state, using ;working through the U.N. and the WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS, this is like a mixture of iron and clay…partly strong, and partly weak = Church and State, like "feet" holding up a giant image of powers, companys etc. But along comes a stone in great power hitting this image in the Church State feet. Christ and the faithful Christians likened to a stone cut out of the World mountain of this life…called out…then Revelation 19:13-16

  2. This is the kind of riot control we need here in the states. Can we send some of our law enforcers to you lovely country to learn those techniques?

  3. It’s time for the people to start fighting back, how can the police be beating defenseless people like that without retaliation

  4. Either RT or YouTube is blocking all of my comments but leaving all of these disgusting and racist comments here for the whole world to view.

  5. The west placing their puppet into power after ousting a great leader in a political military coup is to blame for this. Bigoted caucs you can’t handle the truth. Lies and propaganda help you Fuckers sleep at night. Africa needs our help blacks in the Diaspora. Zimbabwe’s current leadership are western puppets that need to go. Power To The People.

  6. The vile and disgusting racist comments I am seeing are shocking but I am more shocked RT and YouTube are not doing a single thing about it.

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