The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has deployed to Senegal as part of Nigerian contingent of Economic Community of West African States Military Intervention in Gambia (ECOMIG) – a standby force tasked by ECOWAS Heads of State to enforce the December 1, 2016 election mandate in the The Gambia. The NAF today moved a contingent of 200 men and air assets comprising fighter jets, transport aircraft, Light Utility Helicopter as well as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft to Dakar from where it is expected to operate into Gambia. The deployment is also to forestall hostilities or breakdown of law and order that may result from the current political impasse in The Gambia.

Addressing the contingent before departure, the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar urged the troops to maintain discipline and be professional in their conduct. Reminding them to be good ambassadors of Nigeria, the CAS stated that no act of indiscipline by the contingent would be tolerated. The contingent, led by Air Cdre Tajudeen Yusuf, was airlifted this morning from 117 Air Combat Training Group Kainji. Other troop contributing countries include Senegal, Ghana and countries within the sub-region.

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  1. Africans leaders are stupid and Ignorant…. they start things that they won´t finish… in 1998 ECOWAS troops came to Guinea Bissau to fight against the rebels named junta militar and they loose… This time they are going to face a horrible defeat if they try to invade the Gambia I promise…

  2. The response from the troops at the end of the speech was solid and not robotic or rehearsed. The sound of troops who are both motivated and encouraged to take personal initiative. Those are not F-22’s they are flying, but the Mirage is still a capable fighter and I think these troops will do a fine job if required to do so. It’s good to see African states uniting to depose the old despots and make their own democracies, here in Europe we are currently moving backwards in terms of democracy and rule of law ( *cough* Poland *cough*).

  3. He has refueled his personal jet, he is planning to do a runner, he is planning to do a danzo, i always wondered how it was always going to end for this fool. it seems it will be humiliation for him.

  4. I see ignorant comments here. Boko Haram was not a visible army. They are just elements sneaking out of the bush across borders, commit atrocity in scanty villages and runs into hiding, then they released videos claiming lies. THEY ARE NOT A VISIBLE ARMY AND CAN NEVER CONFRONT THE NIGERIAN ARMY. If they really controlled 40% of any area of Borno State in Nigeria, there wouldn’t have been any government in the state. The state has a sitting governor, state house of assembly, functioning government and civil service and so on.They didn’t control any part of Nigeria, they never did. It was all in the media and that was because some people chose to believe terrorists than authorities.

  5. SHAME ON YOU LOSERS. TRAITORS AS USUAL. U CANT EVEN deal with Bokoharam. and there they are trying to enforce white-mans ideologies on other nations.

  6. Why can’t Nigeria show his power on Boko Haram. There are more peaceful ways of ending the crise thn sending those 2 planes. Bomb Boko Haram who has been committing atrocities on your ppl.

  7. Next year Africans should rescue the people of Zimbabwe too,they have been humiliated and suffered a lot.God bless Nigeria!

  8. Nigeria can’t regain 40% of its own territory from Boko Haram but yet they want to attack The Gambia? What a corrupt stupid government and nation. Just yesterday they bombed their own refugee camp killing almost 100 of its own citizens.

  9. See the gun when then hold here but if you see the once then hold when they are in sabiza forest buhari most come out to let Nigeria know their plan in equiting boko haram with this kind gun where our army with ak 47 without bullet

  10. toute cette effectif militaire nigerien et vous ne peut pas faire face au groupe de boko haram c honteux vous proviter d un petit pays comme la gambien netoyer dabord le djihadiste en suitte vous pouvez attaquer la yaya diaméh

  11. Fuck fuck fuck we need peace in the smiling coast of Africa the Gambia, and inssaallah Allah will not let us down by the greats of prophet Muhammad S.A.W

  12. never under estimate the power of greed… Our African leaders are quite something.

    Praying for The Gambia, all the way from Kenya.

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