Morocco wants to return to the African Union after 32 years

Morocco has officially announced its intention to rejoin the African Union, 32 years after leaving the organisation. Moroccan King Mohammed-the-sixth has appealed to the A-U, saying it’s time for his country to return to its ‘institutional family’. He’s also sent a special envoy to the A-U summit in Kigali. Morocco left the regional bloc in 1984, after the organisation recognized the independence of the Western Sahara.

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  1. 32 years of absence of contributions has the UA ???
    -Does he have to setle this late Contributions ?!
    And no to state conditions has our big house ; The UA !

  2. speaking about morocco rejoining the african union

    we should let the western balkan countries, eastern europe, switzerland and norway join the EU too. because they are also part of europe

    what do you think?

  3. Maybe they want to come back because Africa is a developing Continent and the future looks bright for many poor African countries. I’m not surprise that there is some racism their after I notice the skin color of the people in that country, which I was disappointed with because I know better and I was right. And I’m not surprised they separated themselves from African countries with mostly black population.

  4. What the hell, they usually say that they are not African. We don’t want them, ask them to join the Bangladesh union>

  5. i live in morocco casablanca, ouled zian, i most say, most morocco people i have spoke to says they are not africans

  6. So-called morocco is NOT welcome in the AU. We don’t need any more arabs and confused/pseudo arabs. They bring nothing but hate and disdain for our people. They don’t even consider themselves as Africans, which doesn’t matter really because we don’t consider them Africans. A couple of months ago, libyans were selling Africans as slaves. How can we allow those motherfuckers to be part of our African continent?

    Keep Morocco out, then throw out the rest of the arabs and confused/pseudo arabs (libya, algeria, tunisia, egypt). Then, liberate mauritania from the confused/pseudo arabs so that the 70% black population can rule itself.

  7. The so called west are in every African and Carribbean country working hard day and night 7 days a week to keep their position by keeping Black (skin colour) poor. We are poor in the west too. For us to grow we need to keep away from them. They have nothing to contribute to our humanity and this has been clearly demonstrated for the past 500 years.

  8. Make them pay make them pay make them pay make them pay make them pay so that black people can get Justice

  9. Let Them stay away from The union They Are Not welkom They have Their arab union They didnt invité african countrys To join Them so Why accept Them ? They Dont consider Them self as africans suddenly now They Are africans now 😂 say no To pale arab country,s Where whas morroco On The Libië situation did They stop Their fellow muslim arab brothers? Africa wake up These arabs Are Not To be trusted history already told us That

  10. Hypocrites they should go join the EU or the Arabs. They only want to join AU for their own selfish benefits.

  11. They treated fellow Africans badly thinking Spain would support their EU bid they even gave Spain territory in their country and accepted illegal Spanish migrants I love that their bid failed badly for 32 wasted years 😂 oh clowns

  12. 😂😂😂are they the same people wanted to join EU and they refused them and now they realise how Africans they are😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Now these motherfuckers Morocco want to join ECOWAS after leaving for 32 years. Go fuck yourselves.

  14. Keep them out greedy people. Go to the EU selfish human. I wish they are never accepted back to the AU.

  15. So many regressive tribalistic views in this comments section. The entire point of the African Union is to move beyond such backwards thinking. If you can not become more accepting and welcoming, how do you expect it to work?

  16. No no no
    They shouldn’t come back why they want now they are fake and they shouldn’t be even called African before they thought they are European now they realize European has been using them like a condom.

  17. NO NO NO AU don,t take them Back this descends from Arabs……kick others Arabs countries out of AU…..

  18. Morroco should be dismantled, they have done enough, in destroying africans, and giving Spain, Portugal and the Catholics leave in enslaving black people. They have not apologize.
    Evidence of their duplicity is in the Washington archive. They have alway being a for of oppression towards blacks. Living in africa and foolishly think they’re in europe, when in fact they were thrown out. Battle of granada, for being black.

  19. We founded the African Union, the sahara is Moroccan ,we are a regional power and the gateway to Africa. Either u want it or not we will be back and we will kick those Polisario terrorists from the Union and rule over Africa.

  20. Morocco will rejoin the AU and we Mauritius supports its Membership again to rejoin the Block

  21. As lost as they have been, they are welcome with open hands. No time for hatrate. Africa must embrace unity. We shall overcome.

  22. They will be taking information to the white west. Please my brother’s and sisters Africans be careful to traitors.

  23. Morocco is the first country to organize the African Union….Africa actually loses big time with Morocco out.

  24. say no to marocco they don’t consider them self african and all arab country out Africa unions

  25. hahaaa they thought they are Europe now they realize the European will finish them to ash they are not their friends they need only resources and space no what is next

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