Millions of South Africans head to the polls

Amid calls to end South Africa’s history of corruption and economic disparity, millions of South Africans turned out to vote in the country’s sixth democratic election since the fall of apartheid. CBS News’ Debora Patta reports from Johannesburg with the latest on the vote.

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  1. If the EFF wins, it will be the end for black people in South Africa. They will try to wipe out white people, but they don’t know how a white person fights. It will cause their own genocide

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  3. I don’t know who controls South Africa. Is it the oligarchy. There are plenty of poor whites in South Africa who are not allowed to obtain employment because the majority black population is given preferential treatment over whites. Most people cannot differentiate between the British (oligarchy) that was in South Africa and the Boers (who were not affiliated with a government and had no plans of colonization). I hope things can work out or at least the poor white people will be granted the right of return, which is not allowed at this time.

  4. To be fair any whites still in Africa should have left decades ago

    Just like all the blacks in America should have left too

    This is why multiculturalism failed πŸ™

  5. I voted today but it will not make a difference to the outcome. The ANC will still be the ruling party and corruption will continue. They don’t care about their followers that voted for them. All they want is power and money. And their followers will never stop voting for them. They are too loyal and feel obligated to keep voting for the ANC because of their past. All we can hope for is that Cyril cleans out the ANC and gets rid of the corrupt individuals. And that they’ll actually start keeping their promises

  6. They’re all dirty. I ain’t kidding, it doesn’t matter who they vote for, point a stick at something and you’ll find crime.

  7. They believe in majority rights. Most countries protect their borders so they stay the majority, except when world minority white people are the majority in country.

  8. The ongoing genocide directed against white COLORED people in South Africa must be stopped.

  9. The ANC have stolen the future of their own people with corruption and theft! Black south Africans had better security, education and medical welfare even with apartied. Shame on the greed of the leaders of the ANC who have done nothing for their own people!
    This report is Antifa propaganda!

  10. The Corruption is with the Banks,
    Sone worse than others
    Really Crooked
    in my opinion
    based on personal experience
    0010110 Paul

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