Meet Ethiopia's 42-Year-Old Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali


Ethiopia appoints a new prime minister, 42-year-old Abiy Ahmed.

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  1. Adeola, I really enjoy the way you report the news! I’m a real fan πŸ™‚ I just want to point out that PM Abiy Ahmed isn’t only Oromo, his family background includes multiple religious groups as well as regions in Ethiopia. Actually it is common for a majority of Ethiopians whose lineage is from multiple regions/GOSA (Afar, Amhara, Haderay, Oromo, Tigre, etc.) and religious groups all in one household. Typically, the dominant culture in ones household is determined by the immediate city/province/state one grows up and the local language that is spoken there. It’s also common to speak multiple languages a common characteristic of countries throughout the continent. On another note, I was looking for your newest report on Dr. Abiy about the integrated rail system and release of prisoners from other countries and couldn’t find it. Please share the link when you get a moment. One LUV!

  2. Well, the guy young and well spoken liked by all people like Obama.But, the the problem is the economy, military , security apparatus still being held by those leeches who destroyed the country for long time..we just wait to see how far he can go

  3. The visionary Meles Zenawi was in his 30s when he was elected. People just don’t remember.
    We Ethiopians don’t care about the person wealth or age, it’s about picking the best man for the job. Which a lot of African countries can’t seem to do.

  4. He is inspiring people and he is a good leader,he has accomplished so many things in his 3 months even he is making peace with eritrea

  5. If Shewa like him expect tyranny and genocide, SHEWA DO NOT REPRESENT ETHIOPIANS AND ARE NEITHER OROMO NOR AMHARA BUT SHEWA AND HAD POWER FOR DECADES AND COMMITTED COUNTLESS GENOCIDES AMONGST OROMO AND ESPECIALLY AMHARA AND OTHER TRIBES! I assume you did you research and just saying bs if not do your homework, u have no idea who shewa are and evil they are no idea

    This thing called democracy was designed by the west to make it easy for them to influence any state. Even England is still ran by the queen. Every 4 years Nigeria spends $4.5billion conducting elections. Why not vote in your reps and let them elect an overhead prime minister.
    Today Switzerland is a great success, power is constantly shared amongst 4 equal prime heads. Africa has to be careful, who do you think sells you your voting materials, train your ICT and still hack your Database?
    Yes, the same people who brought democracy.

  7. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘it’s sign of hope of new innovative minds running the country. Instead of the decrepit-evil dementia persons who wants 2 stay in power till burial. I hope he’s for justice & serves his country in truth. Gd luck 2 him.

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