MDC 16 August Will Result in Shooting of Civilians by Zimbabwe Military – Tinashe Jonas

MDC 16 August Will Result in Shooting of Civilians by Zimbabwe Military – Tinashe Jonas

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  1. Jonas is simply speculating … however some of the things he says a half-truth. I think Chamisa is trying but the odds are tight. He is also afraid of his life and he has to be cautious. From the times of Tsvangirai, he stopped the strikes because he thought he was sending people for slaughter. The solution is that Chamisa must find a way to manipulate the military – the military has factions and you need to find an alliance, so that you can have a part of that military. It looks as a way to start civil war but it is not inevitable. Find a way to make the military part understand and then your strikes and whatever you are doing will have effect!

  2. Haaa vaGambakwe tipeiwo maserious. Stop inviting a confused egosentric joker called Jonas. This guy works against our hope. According to him, he is the only one with solutions for Zimbabweans and he thinks he is not captured yet he ran away from his country and he can’t even operate freely in his country.

  3. Every time you bring this Jonas, I only watch it to have a laugh. Gambakwe needs to stop taking this Jonasi seriously he taints your channel. KKKK

  4. Your guest is useless. Doesn’t know IT. Where does the Zanu of government get money to afford to listen to all calls. Nxa useless

  5. This Jonasi guy is a lunatic and it boggles the mind why Gambakwe keeps on discussing issues with that moron

  6. Gambakwe and your team you are just there to confuse people. It is you Gambakwe who forced Chamisa to take this action. All your recent videos were castigating Chamisa for not staging a demonstration, you accused Chamisa of being a coward. Do you still have all your videos? Go through them and see for yourself. Now, Chamisa has taken your advice you skipped the rope and now blaming him. You are now saying this doesn’t work. Chamisa didn’t want this YOU GAMBAKWE ill-advised Chamisa. Chamisa listened to you thinking you are the same Gambakwe who campaigned for him in 2018. ANYWAY, you could be right because you are making money using us on YOUTUBE. Now, you said Chamisa has failed, what is the possible solution and who is going to lead it, TINASHE JONAS!!!???? or you are?

  7. Good Jonas nhasi wataura zvine musoro hapana peaceful Demonstration inoshanda in Zimbabwe its a joke that Chamisa is going to do kuti anzi nevanhu akanaka but as a lawyer he knows the whole thing kuti it will not work.

  8. Jonas pfutseki uribenzi form your party hauwani kana vote uribenzi you hate chamisa becoz he has a lot of followers

  9. Uyu nauyu mose muri vatumwa vezanu pf . Takakuonayi kare muri pabasa waakutoda kuzama kuvhundusira vanhu

  10. ko iwe Jonasi what are you doing, what purpose are you serving for zimbabweans, what happened to your diplomat pressure. Iwewe jonasi come and liberate Zimbabwe, dzokera kumusha and finish off your assignment. Why did you run away from zimbabwe to prove your significance.

  11. Tinashe is saying some sense but unfortunately he suffers form Bipolar mental disorder. He has mania. jokes aside he is a sick man

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