Lycaremit Online Money Transfer

Lycaremit (Lycamoney Financial Services Limited) provides the newest way of money transfer to help expats and migrants to send their remittance money to their home country safely, easily and cost-effectively from the U.K. Lycaremit currently provides this service from the U.K. to 11 countries (India, Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ghana, Indonesia, Nepal, Somaliland, Sri Lanka & Burkino Faso) across the world. People who live in the recipient countries can able to receive the money transfer by using their bank account or by cash pick-up or by using a mobile wallet account. Lycaremit committed to offer the service at better exchange rate with low transfer cost. Get register with Lycaremit and transfer money online from anywhere, anytime.

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  1. please beware this people are fooling you. do not use their service. when you call them they will lie, the worst service ever i have experienced

  2. made two transactions, one failed and don’t know the reason and didn’t refund my money yet
    Fraudsters company
    trying to make additional money to make another 2.0

  3. Do not trust their service… Very poor service… Read below…

    I have sent funds to Sri Lanka and it has not been received by the beneficiary for more-than a week.

    I have called Lycaremit customer services number of times and was informed that their technical team will investigate this matter. Nothing happened. I have sent them many e-mails too, including complaints.

    Without a branch name (like sort code in the UK), it’s not possible to deposit the funds in Sri Lanka. Their online application system did not request for the branch name for this transaction. Soon after the transfer, I have sent them an email confirming this issue and provided with the branch name.

    Exactly the same issue happened to a friend of mine, and I have recommended Lycaremit to him and the transaction failed for the same reason and Lycaremit have not provided any details why it’s failed. He is yet to receive the refund. Lycaremit have blamed the receiving bank fault, however when we spoke to the complaints department of Bank of Ceylon in Sri Lanka, and they were requesting for the full details of the matter, type of method that the Lycaremit agents trying to deposit the funds, online or in-person at which branch, details of the error messages, etc. However, Lycaremit failed to provide these info.

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