London's unlikely link with Sudanese demonstrations – BBC News

A pub in London has become a hotspot for Sudanese activists and protesters have a special chant for it.

Sudanese activists have been demonstrating in solidarity with people in Khartoum since December 2018.

Long-time President Omar al-Bashir was overthrown and arrested on Thursday after months of street protests.

But thousands of protesters have vowed to stay out on the streets in defiance of a curfew imposed by the country’s new military council, which demonstrators say is part of the same regime.

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50 Responses

  1. Please respect others countries law and people when they taken you in as refugees. I’m a refugee myself and I found these people are ungrateful people just like their prophet.

  2. That pig khoujlai is still alive…..He is shameless jerk who should start dieting on true journalism for change

  3. The usual culprits of Sudan destabilization, the evil colonizer Zionist UK monarchy whose penchant to control others is sickening.
    Sudan see the destruction of Zionist UK let her crumble as Brexit soon creates chaos.

  4. The media washing machine has 3-settings: Fake news, communism, and a spin wash of White Guilt, bashing our British identity, history and Empire.
    BBC says its machine is the best in town. C4 says theirs is the best around. Who do you buy?

  5. I feel bad for the Sudanese simply for the fact that they don’t realize the control they’re under. They don’t realize how detrimental Communism really is. You’d think that they would have learned the lessons from their African brethren. It simply enslaves them.

  6. that journalist has an extremely uncanny resemblance to the London-based MQM terrorist Altaf Hussain. Even his actions and way of talking matches "Altaf Bahi".

  7. If it’s on BBC news don’t believe it, Comrade Worzel Corbyn tells them what they can and can’t report.

  8. There is a pub in London. The Monkey puzzle. Where a revolution is being directed from with operatives in another part of the world. It’s definitely how you’d want to be doing business. Bit of the old serious business over a pint at the monkey puzzle, directing world wide operations from a quiet alcove whilst fingering a packet of pork scratchings.

  9. I hope so, but the sad reality is the G-8 nations spend billions every year to prop up the 3rd World Marxist Dictators.

  10. Not unlikely anymore. There are TONS of Africans in London. London is minority white. England isn’t even English anymore. It’s VERY African. It’s been colonized and the colonizers have TOTAL contempt for British people and for Europeans. They have NO INTEREST in white people having ANY RIGHTS. Think of all the killings there have been from Manchester to all the different bridge attacks. You have Muslims OPENLY calling for the destruction of Britain, the destruction of democracy, the destruction of Europe.

  11. HOW COME i ALWAYS get these news stories in advance… I posted all these headlines weeks ago… AM I GOING CRAZY?

  12. If you want extremist elements of any nation , just go to UK. After colonial rule British left but they still have ideological Brain washed followers in their colonies , in media houses , civil societies. We had seen it. While india stop propagation of hate in indian mosque against west. Indian hate openly propagated in UK mosque .

  13. In my town during the old days we used to enjoy going out shopping. Now a days it is mobbed by stalls with crackpot Muslim preachers. The bbc would have you believe this is a good thing.

  14. My question is, why is there sudanese people in London/Europe, shouldn’t they live in their own country?

  15. A corrupt dictator playing politician is over thrown by a mob in a third world shit hole and will put in place a corrupt dictator playing politician. China has the right idea in that we should not expect subhumans to adopt our ethical standards. Just do business with them if they are willing to sell and let them monkeys rule themselves.

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