Kony, M23, and the Real Rebels of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is now home to more than a dozen militant groups, factions of the national army, and scores of rebel combatants. We rode along with US Special Forces and followed the path of Kony and the LRA into the jungle. In the process we learned that the greatest threat to regional security were rebels that no one wanted to talk about: M23.

Hosted by Thomas Morton

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50 Responses

  1. They go to villages and kill the people take the young kids then turn the kids into child soliders

  2. As much as people complain about the reporter he is doing something that many of us would not want to do. Which is go to 3rd world country and ride around guys that you know are likely to take fire, all the while not wearing body armor or carrying a weapon. Let the guy complain.

  3. @17:14,African guy hands headset to white soy boy,while casually picking his nose.
    Me:………, seems legit

  4. Vice failed to mention in the description that they were actually hanging out with the uruguayan forces in the beginning of the video. Not that I’m a fan of them but…

  5. For those keyboard warriors who just like to write shit are ones who will be the first ones to shit their ass when faced with grave danger. Not to mention they were ones who got most of the beating their school days. I salute the vice journalist for been realistic.

  6. This reporter is such a pussy that I don’t even know how to deal with it. I’m DSA triggered (HAHAHA). His right to speech should definitely be revoked. I mean that’s pretty much what he’s asking for in this B.S. Let’s just fix this problem by chopping this cucks head off, and getting on with our lives. FIRE HIM HE’S A WORTHLESS HUMAN.

  7. Africa suppose to be the motherland of love. We been through enough from slavery to being hung by the KKK but to see how the African soldiers killing their own kind is fucking ridiculous. Go after the people that tortured and kidnapped us in the first place

  8. Hope you know you are not in a are in a light armored vehicle that has tires, you can easily be Destroyed at any time, where as if you were in a Tank you could pass with impunity..

  9. u try this before in Vietnam man.. it not gona work .. unless you truely want to help them and understand what they are fighting for

  10. I’m a veteran, and am now at this point feeling bad for feeling bad that reporters got their heads cut off by the Islamic nation. I guess it was really justice after all.

  11. Joseph Laurant Mobutu (34,23 ), pauvre idiot , was absolutely not his name .You are confusing Joseph Desire Mobutu and Laurant Desire Kabila .After the" Autentiicite ",he changed his name to Mobutu sese seko kuku ngbendu wa za banga and rule the country for
    32 years (1965 /1997 )


  13. This little wimp sucks at his job. Documentary sucked. When he was getting into the convoy I hope we dont get shot at Im like fuck you thats what I came here for lol. Every women in that continent could take him. At least he got out his moms basement…

  14. This was like watching 53 minutes of nothing

    The reporting was of average quality , the other documentary of vice on Congo was shorter but much more informative

  15. 10.000 soldats de L ONU de merde au Kivu et ils branlent l ours .
    En 1962 ,ils etaent aussi 10.000 mais , la avec l ordre et la benediction de JFK ,ils ont ouvert le feu sur la population , blanc comme noir,sur les 500 soldats Katangais et 200 mercenaires de Monsieur TSHOMBE , pcq les ricains ,nos soit disant allies ne voulaient pas que la petite Belgique exploite honnetement le cuivre et
    le cobalt du Katanga .(Sans parler de l uranium de Shinkolobwe )Aujourd hui ce sont les chinois qui vont leurs mettre ce que je pense et ou je pense …

  16. I lived in Brussels, Belgium for a while. The Congolese women there were easily the most beautiful, seriously at the level of Naomi Campbell in her prime. Its such a pity what is going on there, it should be one of the richest nations on earth.

  17. These groups are responsible for 6 million deaths, in a little over 2 decades. Add on the rape and mutilation, and you start to understand these people aren’t freedom fighters.

  18. And whom do you think was supplying arms, ammo, food and intelligence to BOTH SIDES, in return for mining rights and political sayso? Mr G.Soros, with links to the Clinton Foundation. Look into it. And this is just the tip of the iceburg. Child and female trafficking, drugs, murder etc etc. And this was years ago. Africa is being destroyed by the elites cabal. Dont comment im full of bs, until you do your own research into this subject.

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