Ivory Coast's former president to go on trial for war crimes

국제형사재판소, 코트디부아르 전 대통령 반인륜 범죄 심리 개시
The International Criminal Court embarks on a major test today… hearing the case of former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo.
Gbagbo is the most senior politician to be tried at the global war crimes tribunal since it was formed 13 years ago.

Mr. Gbagbo faces charges of unleashing a civil war in the Ivory Coast that killed 3-THOUSAND people,… after refusing to accept defeat in the 2010 election.
The prosecution said it’s investigating from all sides.

“We have 138 witnesses, including insider witnesses, crime-based witnesses, and expert witnesses, so this is what we will be presenting to the judges.”

The court, set up 13 years ago to charge the gravest international crimes, has so far handed down just two convictions, both of little-known African warlords.

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