Ivory Coast: UN Fires On Gbagbo's Palace

UN and French forces have carried out helicopter assaults against Laurent Gbagbo’s military in Ivory’s Coast’s biggest city, Abidjan.

The airstrikes — the first explicit foreign intervention in the conflict — came as fighting intensified around the presidential palace.

Forces loyal to the internationally backed presidential claimant, Alessanne Outtara, claim to be in control of the residence after launching a final assault overnight.

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  1. America is a falling super power frustrated with its inability to compete with China,Brazil, India and the other countries in time of Peace. So they are playing the Slave Masters Old Card(Chaos, Killing,brutallising). Unfortunately for them, China will get everything in the end nomatter what they Do. These are just short term victories Babarian Sarkozy Zionist Hitler.

  2. out of the blue… right, as if the international community hadn’t given gbagbo enough time to step down honorably and peacefully
    and yes it’s a civil war, it has been for over 15 years

  3. The UN has officially taken a side… and the french have destroyed another african country.. thank you sarkozy.. ur free to plunder the country now.

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