Ivory Coast launches military operation to tackle mutiny

Ivory Coast has launched a military operation in an attempt to tackle the three-day nationwide uprising by defiant soldiers over bonus payments.

The army says the mutiny that began on Friday is contrary to the mission of protection assigned to the armed forces. On Sunday, a large military convoy arrived in the town of Tiebissou, near the city of Bouake, where the mutiny began. Earlier in the day, the mutineers shot and wounded five people in Bouake to break up a march against them. The revolt started when mutinous soldiers took to the streets to protest over pay. The uprising quickly spread to the capital Abidjan where the mutineers seized control of the national military headquarters and the Defense Ministry before being driven back by loyalist forces.

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  1. Stop lying the new President was democratically elected. The old president refused to step down which created an arm conflict.

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