Issa Michael Johnson is one of the children named on the indictment as a victim of Dr. Malachi Z York he was also called as one of the prosecutions witnesses during the trial.  To the Federal government’s surprise Issa Michael Johnson made statements on the stand stating that Dr. York did not molest him and that the prosecution was forcing him to make statements against Dr. York and his mother Kathy Johnson who was named as a co-defendant of Dr. York’s in the trial.  According to this affidavit Federal Agents attempted to  “coerce, threaten, intimidate, or exchange favors for false testimony” and said he could “he could get my mother out of prison” in exchange for this false testimony.

Below is Issa Michael Johnson’s affidavit that was signed and sworn in front of a notary describing what took place:

I, ISSA MICHAEL JOHNSON, being first duly sworn and being competent to testify and having personal knowledge of the facts herein, states as following:

  1. My name is Issa Michael Johnson.  I was born September 11, 1988.  I make this affidavit of my own free will.  No one has threatened or coerced me to make it.  Nor have I been offered anything of value in return for making this affidavit.  I am prepared to make this affidavit  in order to tell the truth and let it be known
  2. I, Issa Michael Johnson am stating for,the record that Dr. Malachi Z York molested, raped, inappropriately touched me, or abused me sexually in anyway nor did I see nor witness Dr. Malachi Z. York molest, rape or perform any sexual activity with any minor or persons in Upstate New York, also called Nubia. 
  3. I, Issa Michael Johnson, am stating for the record stating that Dr. Malachi Z York never molested, raped, or inappropriately touched me, or abused me sexually in my any way nor did see nor witness Dr,Malachi Z York molest, rape or perform any sexual activity with any minors or persons in Georgia particulorly 404 Shady Dale Rd. Eatonton, GA and Athens, Georgia
  4. I am affirming that in June of 2003, I was in the custody of DEFACS (Department of Family and Children Services) under the care of Ms. Eileen Burke. I was picked up from school by Jana Wydell and I asked where we were going and she replied,  “you have visit with Richard Moultrie.” I told her repeatedly that I did not want to see him, I was told its not up to me.
  5. I told FBI agent Richard Moultrie that I did not want to talk to him.  That I was not molested by Mr. York or anyone else.  He said that I need to make these statements.
  6. FBI Agent Richard Moultrie than reminded me that my mother Kathy Johnson was incarcerated and if I cooperated and made certain statements and accusations that he could get my mother out of prison and not mention her name in trial.  Richard Moultrie wanted me to exchange false statements for this favor.
  7. I considered lying and telling them what they wanted to hear to help my mother.  Even though I felt compelled to go along with the stories I repeatedly said I was never molested.
  8. There were several alleged victims mainly Krystal Harden “Beluwra” and Amala Noel sent by Federal agents to get me to falsely testify against Malachi Z York and Kathy Johnson.  Krystal told me that she couldn’t wait to get her money from this trial.
  9. The day of the trial prior to my testimony FBI Agent Jalaine Ward reminded me and several others of what we needed to say.   Jalaine Ward told us not to mention the previous guilty plea taken by Malachi Z York.  She made sure that we remembered all the stories given to us by Federal Agents.
  10. When I didnt keep up with my end of the deal at the trial of Malachi Z. York and testified honestly, FBI agent Richard Moultrie mentioned my mothers name anyway in his last question to me during trial.  He asked “Your mother is Kathy Johnson, right? No further questions your honor.”
  11. After the trial the government punished me in several ways.  They locked me down in a DEFACS facility and took away all privileges including phone visits with friends and after school activities.  Staff members became upset with me and treated me harshly.
  12. The reason that I make this affidavit is because I know that it was not right for the Federal Agents to coerce, threaten, intimidate, or exchange favors for false testimony against any individual who by right should have a trial.

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