Insight: Liberia Upcoming Elections

As Liberia prepares the succession of the first woman to be elected Head of State in Africa, the team asks if the country is ready for such a monumental change after years of a brutal war.





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10 Responses

  1. She nvr attract no aid. US always owned it. funded war both sides. to destroy make it need qide get petro free. they created Ebola. they need Africa to especially TO BE DEPENDANT. EURO GETS RICH OFF TGE POVERTY

  2. why you people always showing the worse areas in Africa but anyway I blame Africans that hate Africa.

  3. The worse has to be shown from Africa,because Africans still don’t tell their own story,they let others do it on their behalf…so stop blaming the west media for that..despite all the money and resources,leaders prefer to remain dictators by killing the population and refusing to develop the country..what a shame!

  4. this woman is lying. it’s the lying and deceit to the international community that’s making it most difficult to have real lasting peace n liberia. when one tribe attempt to commit genocide on another tribe like in Rwanda,the result, total war. the hatred between two major tribal groups the gio/mano and Kahn/sapo date back before independence in 1847. this led to the civil war in 1990. miss pailey being of the krahn/sapo ethnic group should know her tribal history and present the truth to the world.

  5. Why do they always show the worse of Liberia? the country has improved, there’s still a lot of work to be done but there’s improvement. stop showing us 21 years of civil war and Ebola. there’s more to Liberia than that.

  6. the world should know Ellen Johnson was the main architect of the civil war. she directed and supported Taylor a fact well known. Taylor was to overthrow the wicked pres Doe and Ellen was to become president. Taylor betrayed her.

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