I.Coast's Gbagbo: 'We are fighting to free Africa'

Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo declared on Wednesday that his battle to hang on to power was part of a broader struggle to liberate Africa from foreign domination. On Wednesday a gathering of ‘Women Patriots’ in Abidjan threw their support behind Gbagbo, who is resisting handing over control to rival Alassane Ouattara, declared by the country’s own Independent Electoral Commission as the rightful winner. Duration: 01:31

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  1. @b0ll0ckch0ps that not true i don’t go to church i need to lol you said that outtara is the western force but ivorian like that why do you see so many of his ppl in france and in the usa in record number the white man don’t want civil war because that mean no money for them the most corrupt ppl are african leader themself all just power and nothing else for they ppl

  2. @EgbesuJuju2010 no it’s call being a realist the african leader don’t give a damn about their own ppl what have he done for the ppl of ivory coast please tell me

  3. @EgbesuJuju2010 when ivory coast was ran by whites they was’t at civil war going on jesus love us so much he gave us his life how muchdo he love his country to walk away he a power hunger man what point he making and who going pay for it not him when that country go up in ruin he will leave and the ppl with money will to and his ppl wil be begging the white man to let them entry their contry usa,canada,europe see african do like white government stop this maddest now before it get outta hand

  4. @ElProximo: well we all live in a global village these days. What impacts Ivory Coast impacts the rest of the world. The refugee situation that will arise as a result of turmoil in Ivory Coast will affect every nation. From the countries in west Africa to France and the United States. So, the west has to intervene when stupid greedy and African leaders refuse to give up power after losing an election. Gbagbo is another despot. He is another Boigny.

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