Haiti will officially become a full member of the African Union

The Caribbean state of Haiti will officially become a member of the African Union come the next AU Summit which will take place next month in Malawi. In 2012, Haiti indicated its interest to move from its observer status to member status. It will be the first time any nation with no geographic connection to the continent of Africa to join the AU.
Joining us from our Pretoria Studios is His Excellency Ambassador Jacques Junior Baril, he is Haitian Ambassador to South Africa.

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  1. Too many Americans in these comment sections bringing their own American racism. Africa really doesn’t need these American social issues and ways of thinking. They haven’t worked in America, they will not work anywhere else.

  2. Why always in interviews they gotta make same stupid about pverty snd not tall about the lack of the invaders actions? Is like if they dont know history? That after independence still paying money to france? How u gonna grow up?


  4. This is the best thing for all Africa and the world. With the African population about to double in the next decades its important they get economic trade in order to meet the demands. It also puts order and means to pressure the rogue eliminates like war Lords and other internal problems facing the contanent.

  5. Aye bruh we don’t wanna see no pigskin cave beasts hosting our news! Why she evn on this this news channel ain’t for y’all! Shalom

  6. The African Union does not understand the importance Haiti’s membership brings to African people all over the world. 1) African-Americans and Afro-Latinos will become curious about their African ancestry and will take trips to Africa to learn about themselves. 2) There will be more cultural trades between Africa and the Western world. 3) Increased selling of goods and services between Africa and the Western world. 3) Increased tourism. 4) Increased knowledge and standard of living for all African people all over the world. 5) Symbolic move to show the world that African people are united. Benefits for Haiti: 1) Debt cancellation and reduced dependency on foreign aid. 2) African Union investments. Haiti currently attracts a small amount of international investors. 3) Trade between Haiti and the other countries that are part of the African Union. 3) Increased tourism between Africa, Haiti and the Caribbean. Direct flights from Africa to Haiti as Haiti becomes a hub. 4) As a result of more investments coming to Haiti, the country will be forced to invest in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and infrastructure. 5) The standard of living of the average Haitian will be raised as their will be more jobs for Haitians, more schools and more health care facilities. One of the major goals of the African Union is to raise the standard of living of all African peoples.

  7. Love Haiti and Haitian’s welcome back Home i hope more countries in the Islands also join.

  8. Haiti hasn’t forgotten its roots, they are African and should be welcomed in the union

  9. Haiti got rejected,now they are giving Israel an observer seat.African leaders are nothing but a bunch of hypocrytes

  10. "A country with no geographic to Africa"

    Are you crazy?

    Haitians are African brothers and sisters

  11. From Wikipedia – In a press release issued May 2016, the African Union Commission announced that, "[a]ccording to Article 29.1 of the AU’s Constitutive Act, only African States can join the African Union." Therefore, "Haiti will not be admitted as a Member State of the African Union".

  12. HAITI welcome to Africa. Next will be JAMAICA, and others will follow. UNITED WE ARE STRONGER.

  13. As an african, finally the Au finally does something right, allowing Haiti is the best news. At least we can trade with our brothers.

  14. This interveiw is a great explample of how RWS love to focus on division and negative, check the questions, the guest did a great job of redirecting the beast. check out Mr H Fox and
    Mr Neely Fuller Jr. for more info on getting on a CODE:

  15. This is the selling of the Aboriginal American people who do not recognize that they are not connected to Africa- We are the original Carib/Arawak Indians – 4 generations deep in my family and no one has spoken about any connection to Africa. In all these years Africa has never come to HELP Ayiti – just so called fake pledged money that never make it to the people.Do your research by speaking to your Elders, and stop believing these people.

  16. Will be happy to have Haiti as part of AU but please don’t bring that Political violence with you..

  17. We, Africans-in-AmeriKKKa must do the same. It is a commonsense concept and mutually beneficial.

  18. Haiti shouldn’t be part of the AU it’s just bad like the EU. every country needs it SOVEREIGNTY.

  19. UPDATE : THE AFRICAN UNION NEVER MADE HAITI A FULL MEMBER! They rejected Haiti’s bid at the last minute. I wish that the person who uploaded this video would update the information because people keep posting new comments to congratulate. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! I’m Haitian. Africa turned its back on Haiti, on the recommendation of Nigeria. Haiti is at the mercy of the US of A, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and its US-backed corrupt government.


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