Gunfire as Sudan military moves in to clear Khartoum sit-in

Gunfire as Sudan military moves in to clear Khartoum sit-in:
Troops have used tear gas and fired on protesters camped out at the army headquarters in Sudan’s capital Khartoum.
Multiple injuries have been reported.
The Sudanese Professionals Association says the military council has assigned large number of troops to disperse the protest.
Demonstrators say people are still coming from all over Sudan to join sit-in.

We speak to a number of protesters on the phone to update us on the situation.

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50 Responses

  1. Time for the black people there to pick up arms and free themselves from the York of the racist Arabs rulers there

  2. Saudi Arabia stop sporting the dictators,
    Let the people of Sudan taker their Country and Sudanese military don’t be stupid don’t kill your own people.
    My brothers sadanies I wish you all the best and picefful!
    Your brother from Eritrea.

  3. Please UN helps under Lord.
    Think twice 🇸🇩 Sudanese peoples and 🌍 Africa countries. Ohhhhh Sudan like Iraq 🇮🇶 and 🇱🇾 Libya every day warriors. 🤔 Think 🌍 Africa countries twice after that keep ourselves

  4. America keeps sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong. The Sudanese people must stay strong.

  5. No one is doing anything about what’s happening in Sudan. Over 500 dead people were thrown in the Nile river and people doing nothing are hitted and disrespected. They even enter houses and kill the people inside.I DONT REALLY KNOW WHY THE WORLD IS SILENT.WHERE IS ALL THE ORGANIZATIONS THAT ACT LIKE THEY DO SOMETHING TO HELP WHAT’S GOING ON. SPEAK UP EVERYONE

  6. Why the military close to hurting Sudan 🇸🇩…..​ How you can looking inside eyes of your people… 🍀🍀🍀

  7. My brothers of Sudan plz don’t let ur country go.into turmoil already so many Muslim countries are in civil war pray for our Sudanese brothers we are concerned about Sudan from pakistan

  8. The Sudanese army was funded by Arabs under project arabize all black sudanese to destroy any trace of African culture and arabize all black people by force and coercion and killings.

  9. OMG It’s really sad for Sudan my lovely country may God protect Sudan’s people i hope to will be okay

  10. Looks like the Saudis, Israelis, and Americans are running the exact same play they ran in Syria.
    Sudan and Iran are the only two countries left on the destabilization "hit list" that the US and Israel created back in the early 80s.

  11. Sudan Army should clear the sit in. Those people who are still protesting do not know the reality. President Bashir is gone and he is in the prison in Sudan and he is going to stay in Sudan because that is where he was born and raised. There is no point of Sitting in or breaking things that have already been made by the Former President. You the people who like to sit in need to understand that there are people who are from outside World and they live far away across the oceans, they have lots of money and organizations that are meant to destroy Third World countries. They always look for opportunities to destroy other countries. They call terrorism an opportunity and Freedom because that is how they keep Africa Down for many generations. They want Sudan to become like Libya or Iraq. But the Sudan Army is wised enough and they will not let Sudan fall into chaos and will not allow terrorism to happen in Sudan. You the people who are like to sit-in, should go on a mission first across the Ocean and see where the freedom that you want was created. I promised you, you will be suprised with disbelieve about what type of Freedom exists in this World.

  12. We love u sudan fight .. Fight for your land your children your daughter…it is yours .. And remember world’s muslim is with u .we love you..

  13. Kind of Libya war if you don’t stop killing each other other will came in the name of peace to take ur oil pple will suffer

  14. This is the test to the Europeans whether they are standing with the freedom, equality and
    democracy seeking Sudanese people or with the criminals in the name of military council that are supported by Saudi Arabia and UAE that are on the bottom with human rights and there is no election at all? Egypt’s military government that took power by force and jailing 1000s including the democratically elected government members together with the President is also part of it.   

    Sudan is not what many people from the outside do think they do know it. It is a multi races, Ethnics and religions country needs only democracy like many other nations including USA, Canada and the west to keep the nation intact by making the citizens feeling equally represented through free and fair election.  If not, Sudan with few Arabs, significant number of the Abyssinians / Ethiopians look likes and the vast majority black African races, 709 Ethnic groups, many clans,  Islamic with different sects including the large numbers are Sufism, Christians and traditional believers will become disintegrated and a failed state because of the Saudi, UAE and Egypt involvements supporting the military knowing it will serve only them at the huge expense of the Sudanese people and future as it has been going on since the Sudan’s independency in 1956.

    Sudan has been under civil war/conflict for years including in Abye, Blue Nile State, Kordofan state, Darfur and Easter Sudan, Namely ABCDE. If Sudan is not becoming a democracy under the civilian elected government, not only in these regions but also all over Sudan will be a civil war no one could stop that. Sudan is not an Arab country but was invaded and enslaved by Arabs for centuries. Most Sudanese are now looking to get back their true identity who they are for real instead of being brainwashed and subjected to their Arab masters dominations and undermining.  

    So, if they are the champions of Democracy, the rule of law and freedom, Europeans
    must stand with the Sudanese people. No one expects from the Trump USA to do the
    right things in Sudan supporting democracy and the people.  The so called the Military council members including the Chairman and deputy are war criminals like Al Bashir including in Darfur and Yemen as well. 

    Trump is sleeping where the money is and he is supporting the Saudi, UAE and Egypt plan and action in Sudan which is not surprising about him being this way.  They are doing everything possible to overthrow the democratically elected government in Venezuela while we know what they doing in the countries where there is no rule of law, freedom, election or democracy at all. He will not stand with the Sudanese people because of the Saud, UAE and Egypt position and interest installing their puppet military regim against the Sudanese people interest.  Saudi, UAE and Egypt are going to decide about the Sudanese fait for their own sake, not the people of Sudan.

    But this will lead to the worst situation in Sudan where Europe will pay the price as a result including with the mass refuges.  Therefore, Europe must stand with the Sudanese people and African union in order Sudan to have democracy and get a civilian government. Saudi, UAE and Egypt must stop what they are doing in Sudan supporting the Military council composed with criminals including in Darfur and Yemen.  Sudan is not an Arab country but African. Do they look like Arab?

  15. Wify is all this blamed shield still going on I asked up all to stop this,war and trying to get the commissioners impeached and hanged in the swuaey and Burch hand foe blowing up the towers a and blamed the saudes

  16. This is NOT good. This is a chaos. The people Sudan has demanded their president to leave the power, he has done it. Why people of Sudan are still continuing the civil disobedience?
    Why? You are on the wrong path to destroy your country!!! You have stop the violence and demonstrations. Let the military rule the country until a democratically chosen government takes the power.
    People of Sudan should NOT be a victim of proxy war or foreign interventions. I warn you Sudan. I am from Somalia.

  17. I suspected that would happen when the coupt leader visited Sisi of Egypt. He killed over 8000 of his people to enable him keep power. So Sudan should still expect the worst

  18. A world wind or a siycloin going tow go though the Iran Sudan and pilestins a hot wined blows like a tornadoes in a deasterd AMOOS is got toupas and Hines stoines out of the lost the wind going tow uncover

  19. Afraid from Allah edictactor omer al beshir 😈 and Africa 🌍 other present and dirty presents dirty soudia, give the money to urban people, don’t give to gum kelashion kof f on(F1).
    Please UN helps 🇸🇩 sudance people product for good life healthy food 🍲 economy and to make omer al beshir 😈 to prison.

  20. They are celebrating Ramdam peacefully by Cracking Fire.Aj unable to digest there happiness

  21. Probably, the Saudi’s and the Emirate’s promised good wealth and power
    to the military leaders in Sudan. Hence their narrative started to stray a bit
    ever since they visited Saudi and the UAE, eventually coming to this. This is just
    a spark, the flame is still to come.

  22. Algeria and Sudan united for ever and dead to U.A.E dead to Israel dead to any other country to try to turn Sudan into war … Sudan is not Syria and neither lybia … I hope the Sudanese get united and stay peaceful

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