Gbagbo orders foreign troops out of Ivory Coast

Defiant Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo ordered UN and French peacekeepers out of the country on Saturday, accusing them of backing rebel fighters supporting his rival Alassane Ouattara.Duration: 01:05

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  1. @JMEntertainment-My dear ECOWAS that is the West African Nations Unions have called several meeting to try nd resolved this issue..BUT MR GBANBO OR WHATEVER IS REFUSING TO LISTEN..that when UN GOT CALLED IN..@brown9ja- Am 100% with u but the issue at hand…ND I WISH A RESOLUTION DID COME OUT OF IT..but now bcs an ASSHOLE is refusing to listen OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRY ALSO UNDER DEVELOP NEED TO ACCEPT IVORIANS ARE REFUGEES..nd that SUCKSS BIG TIME!!

  2. I am fucking tired of our Corrupt African So called Leaders thinking they can run for terms and rig votes until they day. The international Community and other African Leaders need to call a hit on this piece of shit power hungry bastard. and silence this corrupt disgusting dictatorship. countries need fair elections and i have not been seeing alot of that in some African Nations

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