Gambia's Adama Barrow pledges to set up truth commission – BBC News

The Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow said he will return to his country from neighbouring Senegal when regional block Ecowas thinks it is safe for him to return. He told the BBC’s Clarisse Fortune he would establish a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate alleged human rights violations under longtime leader Yahya Jammeh.
Mr Jammeh says he will step down, after refusing to accept losing December’s elections.

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  1. I am a black man but I hate these black shit from Africa.All they do is to trick the people.They all come promising better when it’s all about making themselves rich like their successor!!

  2. Mr accidental president of The Gambia, you’re really disappointing the masses of our beloved country The Gambia. ADAMA BARROW you really don’t deserve the president seat in The Gambia. It’s just the test from Allah on the people of The Gambia. Anyway my advice for the Gambians if there to be an election, let’s The Gambians try to elect someone who would take Our nation forward from backward. Really The Gambia is still going backwards, because we’re having an illiterate civil president in The Gambia. Please Mr BARROW think carefully about the things that you’re doing .

  3. Any European countries u go u tell them the our box is empty yaya jammeh work in Gambia without any European including there money..hypocrite chimmm

  4. The Gambia have another big problem the president is growing fat each day while the people are getting thin each day mr chair man you have a big job to do we expect you to be be strong enough not to be lazy but guess what Africa politicians are only there to enrich them self not to work for the people who vote them in power

  5. After the three years live we are sick and tired of you what the Gambian decides is that you have to go we don’t want you anymore

  6. You are not to be a president. They are deporting your people were are you idiot.

  7. I’ll be very surprised if this guy can, or will be better for Gambia, probably another dictator.

  8. Adama Barrow never said something important in his interview, he’s always lacking behind. You guys are selling us here(deportation) you don’t try and slove that first talking nonsense here… I don’t blame Lawyer Darboe because he’s not the leader you are the leader and Lawyer can not do something without you permission or without your witness…

  9. We never suffer I had the best 22 of my life free education stability free education. Work and obey the law. The rumours was everyone wanted free ride , everyone wanted to be the president everyone wanted his tribe to be the president . We are watching what you will bring to the table already you caused confusion and lawless and distrust and blaming of Yahye took money it could be your organization stash and blaming the former president. thirdly why allowing this invaders to stay .

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