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14 Responses

  1. Njai manneh is the worse of the worsened of all times.he’s not trustworthy at all.he need some medical attention,

  2. We will not let any useless conts to distablize our country. All of have right in that country, we will not let any criminals to spoil of concuitation. We will die.

  3. U king spot u a comedian u have to go and land cuss yahya jammeh has coing tha’s wy avery bady was toking if u whant to be a jornalist go and land

  4. Ghanaians should be careful with Njie manneh he’s a real hypocrite. Dude go and work and stop talking bullshite

  5. u r fouls all udp fance include ur lawyer iblisa…..3/5 yrs..wat all dis ….can’t u wait till 5 yrs ..with peace ..and do the election…u forget u hv family there …u r fighting for the idiot .n forget ur self and family…think about it ..

  6. Kingsport you noting, but jus a fool, you guys are fools, everyone behind this 3 years foolish jotna, are nothing but criminals, you in person can you control the public, people who are waiting to distroyed the country are waiting for this nonsense 3 years jotna. So if Gambia country get any problem you kingsport and sheriff will hell get responsible. And the international community will arrest you where ever you are.if even a single dog get kill on that day you will pay the prize.

  7. King Spot give us a break foolish man why don’t you take your ash back and join the demonstration back home. You think Gambia is your father’s compound idiot if you think the gambian people are foolish like you you will see.

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