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13 Responses

  1. Why some people didn’t have no regard to their parents? I think these is why most of them are graduates in insulting.

  2. aprc people are very funny did you people forget everything that idiot of ex-president has don’t gambians

  3. These are the people who were in the diaspora with some criminals so called intellectuals and lie’s to the international community regarded about the jammeh administration so what had been achieved and what significant development had taken place other than mouthpiece and misinforming the public enriched themselves and a broken judicial of all time’s but the Gambia need investigative journalist who could engaged into certain relevant executive financial issue’s as if we are having a defunct body not even a proper government everything is been mess up due to ungratefulness and incompetent.

  4. We vill let you feel wat is a jancanding i know that evry woman deliver a baby from the front but your mother get you aut from the back

  5. If he come back to Gambia we are going to do exactly the same things he do to people and their family stupid

  6. Why the government didn’t do enough on haruna jatta’s death is it because of he’s jola of foni and the Gambia is been already divided due to ethnicity affiliation.where there’s smoke there is fire !!

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