FarmQuest – Reality Radio in Mali: Meet Awa

FarmQuest, or Daba Kamalen in Bambara, is an innovative reality radio program in Fana, Mali designed to encourage youth to consider farming as a profitable business, and not just a means of subsistence. It follows six young candidates competing to be named Mali’s “best new farmer.” FarmQuest was graciously supported by the Rockefeller Foundation’s Innovation Challenges fund in 2012. Learn more about FarmQuest at

Listen to all of the FarmQuest episodes on Soundcloud (with English transcripts):

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  1. It’s FarmQuest Friday! 

    For the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a FarmQuest video with you every Friday. 

    This week, meet Awa Doumbia, a young farmer and mother of four from the village of Dien, in Mali. Through the FarmQuest project, she was able to get the support and input she needed to start up a peanut farm. Learn more here:

    FarmQuest was a reality radio program broadcast in Mali to encourage youth to consider farming as a legitimate and profitable career choice, and not just a means of subsistence, by following six farmers competing to be named “best young farmer of the year.”
    Thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation for making it possible.

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