Ethiopia-China Ties: Ethiopia's PRDF on development and unity

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front came to power in 1991. It has since been working on Economic transformation of Ethiopia. Today Ethiopia ranks among the top 10 fastest growing economics globally. Coletta Wanjohi takes us through the successes of this party whose development agenda has been greatly supported by China and whose push for unity resonates with that of the Communist Party of China.

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6 Responses

  1. Well wont Ethiopia jus make there own power Africa dont need china help for that Africa has the Resources an if Africa has corrupt leaders kick them out office because they not making ready for Afrca to change

  2. For a long time I did not trust the Chinese
    However at this point I prefer dealing with a Chinese then dealing with white people
    The Chinese did not call us s******* whole country
    And they don’t interfere in our politics
    Whitey has created the new Gestapo in his country
    They’re kicking people’s doors at night separating families under the pretense of immigration violation
    Even people who grew up and had resided in this country legally with children are afraid
    This is something that I’ve witnessed
    We cannot allow and should not allow Any Nation big or small to mystery.Our People or mistreat anyone in this way and do it without impunity
    At this point I see no reason why we should trust Whitey more than the Chinese
    Everyone is using Africa but at least the Chinese respect Africans
    The other issue is why are African countries trusting White so much that they have become a signatory in the nuclear proliferation treaty
    We should have the right to defend our people we should have the right to protect our land we should have the right to pursue any technology that we desire as people
    This is a definition of freedom
    Otherwise we will be considered s******* hold people and s*** whole country

    From the house of Salamone

  3. The Ethiopian regime is a apartheid regime which have driven disunity in the country, they are satanic, evil & everyone should know it. They want to ”emulate” China’s political system, but it will end up in failure, this is not Han China where they are 80+% of population. It’s 6% of the country that terrorize and oppress the majority of the country. People will rebel, and yet another conflict will happen because of this apartheid regime. They held fake elections where they control 100% of the parliament, there’s no such thing as a opposition, the have the most jailed journalist in the world, this is a toxic apartheid regime, and the whole world should know it! They massacre their own people, and it’s time UN act against this barbaric regime.

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