Ebola: Why the deadly outbreak in Congo is spreading so quickly

A deadly Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo in August 2018 has seen 2,000 cases of the virus confirmed in the following eight months, and has been blamed for more than 1,400 deaths.

Agencies attribute the rapid spread of the virus across the DRC on a deadly conflict within the Congo, misinformation surrounding treatments, porous and informal border crossings, and the United Nations’ failure to recognize the situation as an international public health emergency.

So what can be done to slow Ebola’s advancements?

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38 Responses

  1. so that USA pigdogs can enter other peoples countries under the pretext of helping them. check out who owns the patents for ebola

  2. Today…(July 17) WHO did declare International Emergency because Ebola "jumper" into city of 2 million in Uganda. That city has flights OUT. You think people won’t flee ?

  3. If the vaccine worked, then America would had received it . So I don’t believe it works or the people are getting it from the vaccine

  4. Border problem? haha, really a porous border problem. Where do we place the blame for a border problem? The globalist corporate left?

  5. Past outbreaks of Ebola have NOT been stopped by isolating the victims and vaccinating everyone who came in contact with that victim. Rather, past outbreaks of Ebola have been stopped by isolating the victims, period. If you are "vaccinating everyone who came in contact with that victim," then you should also be isolating everyone who came in contact with that victim. If you are not instituting FULL QUARANTINE, including "all potentially exposed to Ebola" then you are NOT stopping Ebola, you are simply gambling.

  6. 550 from Congo arrested at Mexican/US boarder in May. ISIS has a major presence in Congo. Care to predict future news headlines?

  7. I hate how people are making jokes about this its absolutely disgusting. If ur gonna make fun of the disease why dont you see how it feels to have it or losing your mother or father to the disease. People need to learn how to be more mature. Dying isnt a joke.


  9. Ebola another gift to the world from Africa.
    Their last gift AIDS was great it was the gift that just keeps giving
    Congo isn’t that one of the areas new Canadians come from ?
    Hope they are being screened!
    Oh I am sure they are , Ralph Goodall will keep us safe

  10. Of course, helping the afflicted undermines the power of the local witch doctors and imans. Why stay and help in an environment where the political/religious system touts killing of infidels. Obviously no consideration is given to those who wish help. Sad.

  11. We shut down Airports and put Africa in isolation till it either gets the green light or red to start bombing with Napalm to burn out Ebola

  12. The gloves these medics are using I wouldn’t use cleaning my motorcycle with they are useless as are the masks and coveralls for a high level biohazard.. Also there is no cure for the aids sister virus.
    So dig deep and keep sending money to fuel the armed conflicts over there and don’t bother to educate The population on the dangers of eating Bush meat, burial traditions and everything else that might give them a chance of life and stop spreading the deadly disease.

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