Ebola outbreak flagged as international health emergency by WHO | DW News

According to a new report on ebola published by the World Health Organization (WHO), a woman who died of the disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo may have carried ebola into Rwanda. The public health body is calling the Ebola outbreak in Congo an international health emergency. The warning comes after the first Ebola case was confirmed in Goma, a city of two million people that neighbors Rwanda.
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22 Responses

  1. Stop all travel in and out. Anyone who goes there and that INCLUDES medical staff must stay there until the epidemic is over. Contain it now. The world is way too connected for any other decision. The reckless behavior by nurses, news people etc last time was reprehensible and selfish. It was a miracle it didn’t spread further. And let’s find the real cause, please.

  2. Start more people to searching adout ebola and stop people form traveling and stop makeing it expensive its more important to help people

  3. All the medical teams need to get out. We should just lock down the DRC borders and let nature take it’s cource.

  4. The populations that haven’t recieved the Ebola vaccine, should be barred from crossing the borders of Congo until they have been checked etc, so accelerating the medicine to every pocket of the population in goma will help mitigate ths virus from spreading so fast, obvs there are still people in Congo who do not understand the benefits of vaccines 💉.

  5. I’m sorry, but I disagree. In my opinion, there should be a immigration band until the disease is exterminated. It’s not about being racist, but it’s a precaution for all the 7.5 Billion people that all stands in this Planet. It would be very terrifying to see the world to go down in flames.

  6. So sad for this people.i wish this Ebola can be stop and leave this people alone and stop being spreading.

    Why don’t anyone comment on this. Did they think that they might get Ebola Virus.

  7. This city (Goma) has an international airport. This is the first time during this outbreak that a case has been confirmed in a relatively large city.

  8. Perhubungan harus dihentikan dari perniagaanatau sebagainya dengan kembali sumbangan dunia bagi membantu kelansungan kehidupan harus dijayakan dan setiap keluarga harus tinggal dirumah masing masing selama gambaran wabak dapat dihentikan, tiada jalan lain selain darurat untuk tinggal dirumah dan gambaran ini perlu dijayakan oleh setiap badan dunia untuk memastikan wabak ini dapat dihentikan, keperluan makanan, minuman dari asasnya harus dibantu selama proses ini berjalan. Seandainya tidak wabak terus meningkat dan kos akan semakin bertambah.

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