DR Congo rebels take control of Goma

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Rebel forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo have captured the regional capital, Goma.

According to the government, the fighters are backed by Uganda and Rwanda, who are interested in the country’s diamond mines and other minerals.

Al Jazeera’s Nazanine Moshiri reports from Goma.

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41 Responses

  1. I can see why you might say that but I am wondering alternatives are there for the leadership position? Because the is up to no good, Kabila should have done a better job, and Kagame is corrupt.

  2. Well okey… A warrior is a warrior on a planet of warring. U.N. Just failing again like in Bosnia.

  3. Congo is the richest country in the world. But yet, its People are the poorest in the world. Congo has been a western Imperialist Colony since centuries, it’s people suffer endlessly. Only the abolition of the western exploitative Capital through overthrow of the western imperialist institutions and the establishment of workers democracy (contrary to capitalist "democracy") can real freedom be brought to the peoples of the world.

  4. Wait until global Capital creates another inter-Imperialist ("World") War. Then you’ll have something for a negative future. But until we all are turned to nuclear ash in another capitalist Holocaust, the worse the situation gets, the better it gets for the abolition of this system and for the establishment of global Socialism. At this point, capitalist politicians are already making plans for a Capital Fascist "World Government". Communist Democracy or Fascism is the future, take your side.

  5. It is time to breakup this country into 50 states. It is just too big and too sophisticated for a sub-saharan leader to hold together this country.

    The sad part about it is that the countries resources are been stolen in the background of this warfare. The ones stealing it are Arab and Jew brutal businessmen. The precious rocks are been sold in Belgium on a daily basis. There are hidden western hands benefitting from this chaos.

  6. As Africans, how long we gonna be blaming the ‘white men" for our delibitating greediness and lack of humanity. The DRC is cursed forever. It has been said the DRC is the richest country in the whole wide world in terms of sheer resources. God has given this country every natural resources one can think of right this moment. The material made of the mobile your using right now came from DRC. The atom bomb dropped on Japan’s uranium came from DRC. Yet the DRC is effing most backward country ever

  7. the likes on this videos are som arabs and Pink peoples who are dreaming to recolonize Africa , ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahaha but the tutsi will be soon one more time massacre

  8. The U.N. has never successfully helped anyone or provided security in these countries. Its the leadership of the UN that’s a fucken joke. FUCK THE U.N. and anyone supporting them! Pussies

  9. The UN are occupiers and when their forces are strong enough they will seize all your countries they have bases in.

  10. The illuminatie circle stays for war, dont belief in peace… its always been a war in this world with the jews and the believers.

  11. Right, and the sad think is, no one in the DRC will listen to anyone, except the Arms suppliers.

  12. All men are brothers, like the seas throughout the world; So why do winds and waves clash so fiercely everywhere?

  13. For a rebel army they sure are well equipped, even with uniforms. They are being funded by someone with plenty of cash.

  14. Women should / could START PLANT FREE TREES, FREE VEGETABLES… = creation of free food = power to women = first step toward SOVEREIGNTY = power to mothers who will keep food
    Creating of FREE STUFF = creating of new economic structure that brings ABUNDANCE TO ALL (not only for a few)
    Destroy patriarchal / satanic economic system through GIFT ECONOMY= all for FREE to all = free water, free space, free food…
    SHARE & GIFT as much as you can

  15. Post script: MONUSCO Force Intervention Brigade, consisting of well-trained and well-trained troops from the SADC countries routed the M-23 rebels in 2013, and the M23 leader Bosco Ntaganda is now in the dock in The Hague. So much for UN impotence..

  16. If you think congo drc is your hobbie place wait the day will come when all of you will cry like a babies

  17. africans need to grow up and stop blaming on the past colonizers. after world war II some parts of europe were nothing but a pile of rubles, now they are back on their feet again.
    only education can save africa.

  18. I’m sure they would be better off living like during the 18e century.

  19. Its funny how a little aunt(Rwanda) is disturbing a giant elephant(Democratic republic of the Congo). It just shows that size dont matter but even if your thing is small what still matters is what you can do with it and how strategic you are. Just ask any female. Size doesnt matter. loool

  20. You are right Elyas. They are the ones who supplies the guns and unlimited bullets. You notice that the never run out of bullets, and the business men never get hurt. It is a sign that the people of the Congo are uneducated and trust the wrong people.

  21. fuck you rubbish you guys are happy, kabila and the m23 haven’t seen anything yet true Congolese are gonna come over and take over

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