Could aquaponics be the answer to South Africa's drought? | DW News

A South African teenager has become a trailblazer in the area of aquaponics, a system which combines fish farming with plant cultivation. Rikalize Reinecke’s techniques allow water to be conserved – a welcome feature in a country battling drought.
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  1. Clever lass, this would certainly help with food production in South Africa.  That is if her and her family are not thrown off their land or murdered.

  2. How about you guys do some reporting about the proposed genoicide on the boer population by the south african government.
    This is very same that happened to jews in Nazi Germany. First they were removed from any position of powers, which has already happened in south africa and now they are stripped of their land and possesions. Its just a matter of time before the south african governmet starts murdering the boer population in droves. Dont close your eyes to this genoicide, report on it, make it known to the world. Just because they are white doesnt mean deserve to die.

  3. GERMANY Government Hates white people and won’t report on the blacks who are slaughtering them in S.Africa!

    Instead Germany let’s Jihadi Rape Gangs into their countries. Very horrific

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