Chinese-built light rail in Ethiopia changes lives

Ethiopia’s first light rail train system has been launched in the capital Addis Ababa since September 2015. The 34km light-rail project, which was built by China’s Eryuan Engineering Group, is the first fully electric train service in sub-Saharan Africa. CCTVNEWS reporter toured the project and experienced how it’s changing traffic conditions and lives throughout the city.

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50 Responses

  1. All this talk about China and me hungry for Chinese food and Ethiopian women. Maybe I can take an Ethiopian beauty to a good Chinese restaurant. Yummy.

  2. I hope the government will build the a good and save traffic solution. I heard from ppl, it is very scary to drive in addis and the rest other regions as well. it is about saft y it is not about what you have. Every city has to have qualified DMV for God sake. I am really happy to see the economy growing fast but they have to do it with secure and safe. Ethiopiaye yemechesh!!✌& 💓

  3. Ethiopia was one of the poorest countries in the world. I really hope people will get out of poverty with their own efforts, and talents. With the helps of Chinese government, I believe they will achieve their goals sooner.

  4. They should add more cars to reduce the overcrowding. No reason to have just 3-4 cars. I am sure they can run faster than what they are doing now to make it more efficient.

  5. It is expensive but the technology and logistical transfer is what is really needed. Hopefully the next big deal is an informed one.

  6. China does the job first, talk later. Not like other western countries that just drop the food from the helicopters and said good luck and goodbye.

  7. I am proud of what China did. I can see people’s faces. They are shocked, they look happy. They know that somebody did something good for them. Not for free, but still, they helped.

  8. All people of great African origin in this world, we should all know that the Chinese have landed in Africa continent long before the European white supremacists. But the Chinese came to Africa to trades, explores with friendly and diplomatic approach. The European white supremacists came to Africa after the Chinese and they came there to conquers, steal, robs, loots, kills, colonize and kidnap Africans and sold humble Africans as slave in America and Europe. So, all Africans should bear this in mind, the different between the white people and Chinese. And today the Chinese are back to Africa again and with money to invests, build infrastructures, training the people and improving the standard of living and life for the people. Of course the Chinese too came to Africa for some reasons and not for nothing or to give charity. But they came with good intensions and money to buy & trade, NOT to conquer, steal, loot, kill and colonize. To understand more read this, the Chinese landed in Africa earlier than the white Europeans:

  9. Nigeria 화이팅 Afirica light rail. Ethiopia adis ababa light rail and Nigeria abujja congratulations 축하드립니다 대한민국 일본 중국 Korea Japan China 동북아 3개국 모두가 응원하겠습니다 I wish Lagos light rail trainㅡmetro city
    라고스 경전철 빨리 개통 했으면 좋겠습니다

  10. I love seeing prosperity on different countries, whatever, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Argentina….. Rationally, "Different countries" should included Western countries. But the brutal actions from western countries this 2 centuries, I feel contradiction in my mind.

  11. that is a start of a real and powerful alliance. the western countries will regret it ever happened in the future. long live China and Africa

  12. CHina have a lot of resources,because our nation is very huge.But we never forget the surpports from our Afican brother in1960s-1980s.WE must surpport africa ,whaterver we are poor or rich.And thank you Arican people foerver,you are our brothers。

  13. China is gaining allies in Africa by investing and helping built up their ecomy. the European and Americans are worried.

  14. As an example of how the Bitish and Americans "help" countries who have resources they want,I remember back around 1951 or thereabouts one of the Arab countries wanted to nationalise their oil fields and refineries whereupon Aramco started to pull the operators of the refineries and oil fields out of the country. I remember at the time that the refineries were standing unused because the "benificent" Americans and british hadn`t trained any of the Arabs in anything but the bull work.I remember the news networks were saying that if the refineries were left idle for much longer they would have deteriorated to the point that it would be cheaper to build new ones than to repair the old ones. The arab government finally returned control of the production facilities to the American and british, with the stipulation that they train local people to operate the company. So we didn`t voluntarily train local people either. I remember seeing this in the newsreels at the time, but I haven`t heard anything about it in the intervening years.I was just a teenager at the time so I don`t know what countries were involved as teenagers don`t pay too much attention to such things.

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