Can South Africa’s army solve Cape Town gang violence?

Communities on the Cape Flats in the city of Cape Town say police have lost control of gang violence.
More than 900 people have been killed in turf battles since the start of the year, and the government is now preparing to deploy the army to clamp down on the unrest.

Al Jazeera’s Fahmida Miller has the story.

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50 Responses

  1. SA law enforcement is a bunch of fat cowards who harrass innocent people more than the real criminals out there. Its the general state of SA despotism everywhere

  2. police get their cut from the drug sails we the public see how the gangs pay large sums of money to the police in broad daylight in front of the public then they just drive off you don’t know who to trust so we say nothing to survive

  3. No no, there’s plenty of officers, just not enough ones that ACTUALLY know the law and aren’t corrupt 😂

  4. The Army is now witnessing the senseless killing. Gangs are not afraid of the army it is business as usual. Gangs moving into more affluent areas bcuz they have the blood money to take any area. It’s not only in the Cape Flats they are like cockroaches they everywhere. Gangs are already selling drugs in all affluent areas. Loop Street is an example of how they taking the City of Cape Town.

  5. Coming to a European country near you thanks to all the leftist pro immigration politicians!!! 😀👍🏻

  6. this is what you get with black majority rule Africa…endless escalating violence and corruption 😛

  7. When PAGAD wanted to sort out yhe gangs the govt ANC stopped them . The army wont make a dent. The gangs will go underground then when the army leaves they will surface again.

  8. Gangsters can always sound so sad and blame it on everybody else but not themselves. He is one of the reasons cape town is fcked..
    There are soooo many poor countries where people dont turn in to gangsters because of no jobs. Its all excuses excuses.

  9. 🔄this is a cycle that will never stop,the police to the politician and judges they all belong to a gang they all connecting

  10. Both DA white racist and ANC black nationalist dont care about the death and ipoverishment of South Africans who are not white or black ie the Coloured majority of the western Cape. The ANC only look after the black looters in government and DA are only worried abt the White minority Colouredss need to wake up and root out disrespect and gangsterism among themselves ,dont wait for a non existing govenment ANC are too apathetic but in all fairness they dont rule in WC but the white DA .

  11. its not just cape town all over South Africa since the Nigerians arrived drugs have become a source of income for these gangsters and the police are also involved. the laws in SA when it comes to murder and drugs is a joke.

  12. Maybe if the communist ANC government didn’t have an open borders policy where the rest of the entire continent of Africa is free to pour in unchecked, we wouldn’t have such high rates of drug smuggling, crime, racial and cultural tensions and lack of jobs. Not to mention all the public services they use such as housing, medical care, electricity, education and more which are paid for and meant for SOUTH AFRICANS. Plus they are willing to work for extremely low wages, undercutting local wages and increasing South African unemployment. Close the borders.

  13. Army can at least bring some stability. If they need to stay in order for the kids to be safe then 100% yes stay

  14. Unemployment and unequal is the cause of this. If you want to visit a 3-in-1 country, visit South Africa.

  15. I had no idea 43 murders are a lot. I live next to lavender Hill and one weekend 21 people got killed in that area. So 43 for the entire city doesn’t look to bad.

    That just shows how normal this has become to us in the Cape Flats that we think like that.

    Running from your house to the taxi rank, then hoping your taxi don’t get shot up at by a rival gang until you get by the train station only to spend the next 40 plus minutes next to passengers who are clear targets is really worrisome… Then to get to work where your boss (whose not from the Cape flats) screams at you that you late and you should wake up earlier and could possibly loose your job. Wake up EARLIER? JAS!!

    We can’t live normal lives here.

  16. This solution will only suppress the problem, not eliminate it immediately. This strategy was implemented by Mexico, Brazil and central America in recent years.

  17. Impound all armunition in this community gangs busy relocating as we speak please do door to door searches and roadblocks

  18. Al Jazeera…please please please dig deeper. Check AP sources for 80s violence during the 1985/86/87 state emergency period on the flats and across South Africa. This is much more than a gang war. Listen to the complaints of the public then and compare with now. Cut and paste. Eldorado Park(Johannesburg), Northern Areas(Port Elizabeth) are all going through this. Not just the cape. Its all targeted at one racial group.

    Ask yourself what happend to the Wit Doeks and other armed groups that turned the Cape into a civil war. These actions smell of a resurgence of that very same violence. The social problems won’t be fixed as long as no one is willing to recognise the effect forced removals had on our people. Spatial planning and segregated races were designed to keep races at each other for generations and as a spin off halt any progress at a solution in the future. The drugs come from Eastern Europe. The weapons flooded on the streets are European and Asian. This is a calculated move. Question is BY WHO

  19. These gangs has been operating in South Africa for more than 39 yes. It is not the first time the army tries to atop them. They have been falling to fight them and they are even afraid to enter their main territory . These gangs run a multi billion drug industry and they have the most money. They even do their operation from prison. They are just too advanced and it will take forever to eliminate them

  20. Eradicting poverty on the Cape Flats is the answer. Colored and black people are being dumped in hunting grounds for Gangsters. RDP homes where gangs are just moved from one eara to the next makes the situation even more wide spread. I’ve not seen any raids in Ottery , Hanover Park , Laverderhill Hill, Bontehewel at all! This is such a farce…argh! People of color do not matter in this Country.

  21. Ha ha ha . Have you seen the army ? Useless. And lets not forget the two times they got deployed outside S.A..

  22. No they cannot. Just this past weekend 27-28 July 46 people were killed. The weekend before 25 people were killed.

  23. how many poor countries have become gangsters? poverty pushes a man to become wise not gangster. evil people are evil people .

  24. Aljazeerah should make more reports on the treatment of Coloured minority in South Africa .They are being economically marginalised by the current ANC blacks and the white DA just use them for their voting fodder .

  25. I’m just curious if there is more violence and corruption now or during the Apartheid era in South Africa? I bet it is now!

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