Burkina Faso: military power push after president resigns

A split has emerged over who is ruling Burkina Faso after Lieutenant Colonel Issaac Zida declared that he is in charge of the West African nation.

It comes after military chief of staff Honore Traore seized power following the resignation of the president of the former French colony.

Addressing a news conference on Friday, Traore said that in line with constitutional measures, and given the power vacuum, he had assumed his responsibilities as head of state and vowed to “save the life of the …

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  1. Now why would the banksters want to destabilize Burkina Faso ?
    There are a variety of natural resources found in Burkina Faso, including manganese (used in stainless steel), limestone, marble, pumice, and salt. But the real reason … The country is also Africa’s fourth-largest gold producer.

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