AYV Television's WAKE UP SIERRA LEONE News and Current Affairs!!! 13th April 2017

AYV Television’s WAKE UP SIERRA LEONE News and Current Affairs!!!

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  1. Watch his gown it does not glow like some Angel from space. We are sick and tired of being poor and having sad stories.I want a leader who is honest, speaks togetherness and has a plan,i am tired of seeing our people bowing to presidents. They are working for us.
    We are loving people, fun and hard working let us apply our selves to get a leader that we will work with to establish the basic for SL.
    60+ years of APC & SLPP is a disgrace to us, that we let them infect our mind with greed and underdevelopment.

  2. Salon nar we all get ham I lost blood for my salon 2 june 1997 fighting for freedom with Jointer 1 after life dis arm 316 nigerias soldes put the in bus truck to Juway safe no blood droup later they team up to fight but mick lamin makes that happen comands people army to open gun short front of the nigeria force true late we come back to fights again then i got short god helps i was with Akim team font line he too me with the van and capa kamara to the minitry hospital later Akim got short on he leg tip come and we meet again kefel sula and others i never cut hands i didnot go to the bush my good work people likes me no rapes i alway cool but solders peoples ary like me i dont ramp u try me you see it or fill it any new leades must take car of the people and the country YKK can do more for our people i am in UK now longtime now mada you sole you first leader NPRC never do that JOHNNY PAOUL RIP and zagalo fulasamba others my NAME inspector gobs of thhhhhhhhhhe SSD 90 squides

  3. Sierra Leone name is very beauty big in Dakar, please we have brain more then never look what those political investment people do

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