At least 300 dead in Sierra Leone mudslides

CNN’s Stephanie Busari witnessed the recovery efforts in Sierra Leone after a devastating mudslide near the country’s capital claimed over 300 lives.

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  1. War, disease, landslides killing 100’s, and they still pray to that Shiny Beardy Old Guy Up In The Sky…I hope it works out for them……doesn’t seem to be…

  2. Sierra leone is targeted for its diamond. It’s not a coincidence that Ebola (a man-made disease ) broke out there. Landslide can created by nuclear and drone as well. Watch the evil Zionists have been eyeing Sierra Leone!

  3. ppl are dead from a mudslide and all i see are ppl making fun of fake news and trump in the comments :/

  4. So when they announced trump as new president ,thats fake too.cnn reported it, so who is are president? Who ?

  5. This is awful, the climate change is literally killing people i hope they can save more, they really have many struggles in Sierra Leone

  6. Is it due to climate change or is it because people chose to live below a potential enormous mudslide? I mean damn.

  7. Please Pray for Sierra Leone… please God console the hearts and maintain the mental health of those whom have lost loved ones, please Father help all to learn what is needed to be learnt from this experience, only you know why this was allowed to happen, pain and suffering like this makes no sense nor has a reason to us, but who are we to question you’re majesty? who are we to understand your plans for us or how it has been written we shall get to where we need to be…? we are only human Almighty Father, we propose but you dispose as you wish.. please give these people and all those suffering around the world the strength to go through the challenging phases of their lives so they/we come out the other end wiser, stronger, humble and closer to you…Thank you Father, in Jesus name, Amen!

  8. They watch the news and hide behind their phones. Why do you guys carry backpacks around you not in school anymore . Depends?juice boxes?l

  9. CNN killed way more innocent people than this by promoting the invasion of Iraq using fake information #VeryFakeNews

  10. its all whites fault , all cause they didn’t go there and make it better , oh wait I sound like cnn

  11. annnnnnnnnnd look at that no one cares not even those libtards protesting in my white country. HAIL TRUMp

  12. Who could imagine that people can be so heartless after reading all the comments am so very disappointed all could talk about is fave news and Donald trump and stuffs well for your info it true cause I my self witness it well disasters happened not only on one aspect of the world but the entire world what if it where your own country would have commented so unthinkably to all the sympathisers thanks very much cause it shows that there is some little decency left in the world so disappointed ……

  13. Africa and African need to unite to take care of it people we can do it we must do it tired of begging for hand out from other continent we the greatest people on the face of the earth far superior than any other it time we take our rightful place remembers Marcus Garvey idea for the black people….

  14. I think we need to do a bucket challenge, rally, stop work, every Sierra Leonean must come in numbers all over the world 🌎 and cry out to be heard. All these negative things are happening to bring us together as one ☝️ nation with love ❤️


  15. Y’all know Ebola was a man-made disease right ?? Bet them corrupt politicians along with their white masters have something to do with it ! Depopulation is the world New Order !

  16. the cause of Israel lions of juda,we need to start following the laws statues and commandments of the MOST HIGH

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